Facts That You Don’t Know about Heredity Hair Loss

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Hair loss is among the most emerging issues these days. Almost everyone is suffering from hair damage and hair fall. It is so disappointing to see your mane going towards the thinner side every day. The main cause of hair loss or baldness is heredity or genetics. Those who suffer from partial or complete hair loss should observe their family history regarding this matter.

Usually, medications, expensive hair treatments, and hair transplant don’t help to regrow your hair completely. These treatments may stimulate your hair growth to an extent but a fuller hair look remains just an unattainable wish. However, the sensitivity of this issue can be reduced by using Toppik Hair Building Fibers.

It is said that heredity hair loss is nothing but a disease, which is totally insane. Studies have shown that hair loss is a natural phenomenon which runs in different families. It is not a harmful condition so, to term it as a disease is wrong. Such hair loss may not appear in all family members.

Hair loss caused by genetic predispositions can get worse with factors like hormonal imbalance and stress. It is suggested to keep yourself tested in order to prevent your hair from the further problem. Taking a good care of your mane with useful products like Toppik Shampoo can reduce the risk of baldness at young ages.

Aging is the natural part of your hair. As heredity hair loss occurs at young ages like 20’s or 30’s so, there is no need to panic if you have this issue in the late 40’s. At this stage, one can’t suffer from heredity baldness.

It is said that genetic baldness can only occur in men. It is just a myth, women don’t suffer from complete baldness but it doesn’t mean that they can’t suffer from a heredity hair loss. Partial baldness, pattern hair loss, and rapid hair shedding are the main problems that can arise due to genetic reasons.

The only solution that comes to our mind regarding hair loss is a surgical hair transplant. According to research, it is not a feasible solution for heredity hair loss. There is no guarantee of complete hair restoration because the results can vary from one person to another.

Let’s have an example here. A person who is suffering from partial hair loss undergoes a hair transplant but after three to four months the rest of his natural hair also starts to fall out. In such cases, surgical transplant is not a preferred choice. Why taking a risk of post-surgical inflammations and wasting your money?

For the victims of heredity hair loss, Toppik 12g is the most appropriate solution. It instantly covers up your bald patches and gives you a graceful and young appearance with a thicker and natural hair look.


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