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Gmail is an email service provided by Google Inc which is the most used email service around the world. Gmail is used widely to communicate over email both by individuals and well as businesses. With google products like YouTube, Google Search, Android OS platform all requiring a Google account for authentication, Gmail’s popularity has risen exponentially. Now a days, three out of four people use Gmail’s email account as their primary account. 

When we write emails, we often require to end them with a salutation mark which may sometime require us to label our profession along with it.

For example, we may end the mail as Yours’s truly, ABCXYZ. Imagine that every time you write an email, you have to write this sentence again and again. This will truly become a tedious task. To solve this issue all major email service providers including Gmail have a distinguishable feature incorporated in them which is called Signatures.

Signatures are basically a feature provided in Gmail where you can type in your required ending marks. You may create your signatures however you like. You may include your phone number or address in them. Once you have identified your signatures, you can simply use them in your emails to mark the end of the email. After saving your signatures, whenever you open a new email to write, you will see that your signatures pop up automatically at the bottom of the mail.

How to add and delete your signatures in Gmail

To add your desired signatures in Gmail, you can follow the steps given below:

Step 1) Go to gmail.com and log in using your email Id and password. If you do not have any Gmail id and password, you can sign up for the same by following the instructions given on Gmail.

Step 2) Once you have logged in your Gmail account, you can click on Settings icon and then go to settings. Once settings are opened, look out for the option of Signatures.

Step 3) In the signatures tab, if you are using signatures for the first time, you will see a blank screen. Here you can add your desired signatures as you would want them to be put n email.

Step 4) You can use the font you want, the colour you want and the size you feel like. You may add your email id and phone number or your address to be a part of signatures. It may look something like this:

Thanks and Regards,


Mobile no: 0000000000

Now that you have created your signatures, you can simply save them. After that you can open a new email to write and you will see that the signatures that you have created earlier will pop up at the bottom left corner of the email. 

Deleting your Gmail signatures

There are no limitations on the number of signatures you use. You can create as many as signatures as you want. You can use one signature for one type of email and other for other. But when you manage a lot of signatures, it may become difficult to handle. For this reason, there is an option to delete the signatures as well. In order to delete the signatures, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1) Go to gmail.com and log in using your email Id and password. 

Step 2) Go to settings and search for the signatures option.

Step 3) Select the signatures you wish to delete. Remember that you must have at least one signatures to delete from. When you select a signature to delete, click on remove.

Now the signature your wish to delete will be deleted.

Signatures are a great way to add the ending in your mails. If you do not use signatures, every time you have to write the signatures on your own. This is not only time consuming but also results in spelling errors when you are sending an email in a hurry. So, it is a good practice to use Signatures in your emails. It not only saves you time and makes the email less spell error free, but also it adds to the credibility of the email. It adds value to the email and completes it.

In case you require any technical support or you face any issues in adding or deleting your signature on Gmail, you can always contact Gmail technical support . You can contact the support team via email or by phone or via a chat client. Gmail technical support team will get back to you and resolve your queries in a time bound manner. 

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