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Egg donation is a process which has helped a number of couples facing the problem of infertility. There are many females who aren’t able to produce eggs or produce less eggs due to which they are unable to conceive. In such a case Egg Donation really helps as the donor gives you healthy eggs which can be fused with the sperms. Now the toughest part is finding the right egg donor who can reach out to you and is willing to help you.


There are lots of different ways through which you can find the egg donor for yourself. The best option is to get in touch with the reputed centres that provide the Egg Donation facility. With such programs you can easily search the donor who is healthy, ready to help you, has no internal problems and can come for regular doctor visits as well. Also the donor needs to consult the doctor to ensure everything is correct and that the donor is ready to donate the eggs.


If anyone is planning to become an egg donor, there are lots of aspects associated with it.

  • Egg donation is painful. No matter what the doctor says but recovering from the surgery is a time taking process. Though you can move about after a few days but it causes a lot of discomfort. It takes time to become comfortable and surgery will get healed with time. So there is a little pain involved in the process and so the donor needs to be familiar with it and accordingly take the decision whether they wish to be a donor or not.
  • You need to go through a number of check-ups before they can donate the eggs. This means that there will be frequent visits to the doctor and this can be a time consuming process. So the donor needs to ensure that they have enough time to visit the clinic any time the doctor calls them.
  • You will have to take injections and medications prior to the process. This is advised by the doctor once the check-up is done. So one needs to be willing to take the medicines time to time along with the injections that can be a little painful.
  • Last but not the least is the feeling of happiness and contentment that you get. Not many people get ready to help other couples and that is why it takes a great effort to be able to donate your eggs to someone else. The feeling is amazing and one feels a lot more satisfied.


Egg Donors in India is many but the couples need to make sure they have the right person. That is why one needs to connect with trusted and reputed centres only so that you connect with healthy donors only. The success rate will depend on the quality eggs which come from healthy donors. That is why it becomes all the more necessary to choose a donor who is healthy, fit, free from any kind of internal issues and selflessly willing to help you. Thus the couples get a chance to embrace parenthood.

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