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The appearance and WordPress Website development of the Internet made so many things easier for all of us. But, at the same time, it opened new doors for those that want to do harm. This is why security in the online environment is crucial, not just because it protects your business but also because it keeps your customers safe as well. As a business owner, you know that you need all kind of information from your clients, as it helps you improve your product offer and services. But, once you get sensitive information from your customers, including payment-related information, you will need to guard it in the best way possible. This is why in the following lines you will learn all about SSL certifications or Secure Socket Layer certificates and why they are so important.

1. What is an SSL?

An SSL certificate is an accreditation earned by secure websites, as a way to show visitors that when they are on that particular website, their activity will be safe. This also includes keeping shared information safe and confidential. Thus, if you see an SSL certificate displayed on a website, you can be sure that it is safe enough for you to share any details, like subscribe for newsletters or make purchases without the fear of having your data compromised.

2. What ’s the mechanism behind it?

Practically, the SSL certificate will provide a secure pathway for the information exchanged between a server and website. This pathway will be well covered by a hard to decipher encryption. So, each time you will decide to access the website, the information you use will pass through this pathway, remaining hidden from the eyes of hackers. Also, the SSL makes sure that the site’s security won’t be compromised from the outside, like cyber-attacks or malware, which can also compromise the stored data by allowing it to leak or to be permanently lost. But, how will the site’s management be able to access your information if it is so well encrypted? The website will receive the decryption key that will allow it to access the information.

3. How will someone know if a site is secure enough?

Most certainly now you wonder how you can recognize a website with an SSL certification. It is quite easy actually, as the domain of the website will begin with HTTPS. All website domains will begin with HTTP, but those that have a superior security level and were granted the SSL certifications will have the “S” added. There isn’t an easier way to do this.

4. Why should you get an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate will increase your reputation and will make your website appreciated among visitors. But, if you have an e-commerce website, then you should definitely be concerned about getting this certification. With all the dangers out there these days, people are wary when it comes to making payments online. When making a payment, sensitive information is shared, so people want to know that they can trust the website that gets this kind of information from them. But, besides this, an SSL certificate will help with the website’s optimization because, from Google’s point of view, having such a certification is a must.

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