Essential Tips to Help You Choose the Right Splashback for Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is where the best memories are created and where hearty meals are prepared. It is also where families gather for supper which is an important part of everyday. Therefore, a good kitchen design is definitely essential for many homes in the UK. Hence, they turn to well-made splashbacks when wanting to renovate the kitchen instead of the regular wallpaper décor.

Kitchen splashbacks are a nice way to give the kitchen a makeover and add to its charm. The kitchen splashbacks in UK are available in a wide variety of colours and one can choose your design preference from mattes to glossy. Apart from looks, the splashbacks must be chosen based on their features such as maintenance, quality, and durability.

Here’s a look at some tips for choosing the right kind of splashback in UK:

  1. Choose the right kind of material

Some of the common and most popular kitchen splashback materials are wood, glass, stainless steel, aluminium, marbles, and tiles. If you like to go for a traditional look, you can opt for wooden, tiles, or pressed metal splashback. However, if you are looking for easy to maintain and durable option, the aluminium splashback is the best option. Always consider cleaning when you choose the splashback. Mosaic tiles are most difficult to clean. If you are looking for a modern look, the glass splashback is a contemporary option.

It is advisable to choose aluminium splashback over any other material as they are made using better material, and are economical and easy to maintain. You can get in touch with interior designing experts and seek their advice on which panels will suit your kitchen style and make it appear like a modern art piece.

  1. Selecting the colour

Though market offers a variety of splashback colour that spoils you for choice, you need to go for a colour that is bright and makes your kitchen vibrant. It should also be in sync with the interiors of your kitchen. If you want the countertop to steal the lime light, go for subtle and minimal hues. Choose colours that are either similar in tones to your countertop or in contrast which adds more personality to the look. Light-coloured splashback with a dark coloured bench-top looks amazing.

  1. Maintenance

When choosing the perfect splashback for your home, maintenance should be one of the top considerations. Aluminium splashbacks are easy to maintain and you can simply wipe them with a wet cloth. They are corrosion free and durable as well as fire resistant which makes them the most feasible option.

  1. Select the counter-top first

Experts believe that it is one of the best approaches to choose a splashback. Choose the counter-top first as there is a lesser variety in terms of material and colours for the counter-top, while your choices for splashbacks are infinite. Zeroing in on a counter-top will help in short-listing options for the splashbacks.

Explore the web for the colour guide on kitchen splashback colours that will help in choosing the best colour for your kitchen interiors.

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