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The history of earrings is as old as 3000 BC. A popular belief associated with earrings, in Middle East in particular, was that they were symbolic of the wealth that the wearer possessed. During that time, earrings made with precious metals, such as, gold, silver, bronze, and studded with gemstones, were worn by both men and women. In Ethiopia and Kenya too, men associated piercing their ears with status symbolism, while, for women, ear piercing ceremonies were held where they pierced each other’s ears and exchanged earrings as tokens of womanhood. However, in the period of Dark Age, it became difficult to find these metals easily. Hence, only the royalty could have had access to these. These ornaments were extremely valuable to the hierarchy and as has been discovered in their graves, the deceased were customarily buried with their earrings.

Since the ancient times, Indians too have been wearing earrings as a part of their tradition. In several Hindu communities, the practice of Karnavedha was followed in which the ear was pierced with a particular thorn. Traces of ornaments with unusual designs have been found in various regions of the Indus Valley Civilization. And in comparison to other regions, in India, earrings with noble metals as well as long ear lobes symbolized the wealth of woman, her beauty and her status in the society. In addition to these, wearing ornaments in every part of the ear ensured the health of mind and body. Jhumkas are one such type of Indian earrings which have lured the regions from West to East.

Famously referred to as pieces of temple jewelry, jhumkas are traditional in appearance and resemble the temple domes. Also known as Indian chandelier earrings, these are circular or conical in shape and have drops hanging down from the cupola. Earlier, these were largely worn by Indian dancers.  Jhumka earrings were skillfully handcrafted by proficient craftsmen. The beautiful and intricate designs of these explained the extensive hours that had gone in the making of these. Even today, jhumkas form an integral part of every Indian woman’s jewellery collection.

The extraordinary traditional Indian attires, such as lehengas, salwar-kameez and shararas, seem outstanding when paired with eye-catching jhumkas. While traditional look seems incomplete without a lovely pair of jhumka earrings, in recent years, the trend has spotted jhumkas being worn with Indo-ethnic costumes as well. Short kurtis with denims can be customized with hoop jhumkas for a spectacular look.  Pearl jhumkas can be worn with long kurtis and palazzos or pants to create a sensational appearance. Irrespective of the dress with which they are attired, jhumka earrings can be donned by women of every age group to enhance as well as captivate attention to their facial features.

As India is a land of diverse regions, every region has jhumkas which are distinguishing in structures and designs. In South India, the gold colored jhumkas are followed by chains worn over the ears. Usually, these are embellished with red kemp stones. In most parts of Gujarat, the jhumka earrings are long and conical in shape. They are also provided with a silver finish and have small metallic bells or ghungroos drooping below. The Rajasthani Meenakari jhumkas are notable for handsome patterns with colorful enamelling. They typically feature classic designs of peacocks. Pearl jhumka earrings from Hyderabad are the stateliest. They can be conical as well as dome shaped and are encrusted with milky white pearls of different sizes. Silver and golden jhumkas along with pearl drops have always been alluring.

Kashmiri jhumkis are high in demand. They have long pearl chains affixed to the main jhumkas and are put behind the ears. The pearl chains hang from behind the ears and have small jhumkas attached to them. The intricacy of Indian jewellery has been a source of inspiration to the contemporary designers. They blend it with contemporary design, thereby, creating a unique combination. A pair of hoop jhumkas is one such example of this fusion. These are obtained by combined two different types of earrings, circular hoops and jhumkas. The hoops may be decorated with pearls, golden or silver balls and glinting charms.

The designs of jhumkas can be endless and selecting the most enchanting pair can be startling. That is why, Blingstation, a renowned online jewelry store, has come up with an enthralling collection of reasonably priced jhumkas. We help our customers to choose the most exotic designs of this type of earrings. We use German silver with antique gold and antique silver plating in the making of these creations. Our designer pieces feature glass stones, beads, pearls, golden and silver balls, etc. At Blingstation, we have retained the tradition of handwork, hence, one can buy classic designs of jhumka earrings skillfully crafted by our experienced craftsmen. Our pieces come with the assurance of memorable experiences.

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