Enhance Your Home’s Security with Advanced Motion Sensing Lights with Cameras

November 1, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Home Security

Rising incidents of burglaries and home invasions in Australia are causing concern for homeowners and they are questioning the safety of their family, property and valuables. To protect their home from burglars and intruders, it is important that homeowners take proactive security measures. By installing advanced security systems at their home, owners can deter criminals and experience a sense of security and safety.

With many different kinds of advanced security systems available on the market, choosing the ideal one can become confusing for consumers. If you need some help deciphering which system could work for you then consider the following.

Motion sensing lights with cameras are proving to be valuable for improving a home’s security. Two products that could be considered are the NightWatcher 720 and the NightWatcher 760 Pro Wi-Fi.  These motion sensing lights equipped with multi-sensor technology and a 220-degree field of vision, will illuminate on detecting the motion of an intruder, at this time the security camera is activated to record footage. The sudden change in the lighting will help to alert the owner or neighbours and will likely cause an investigation as to why the lighting has been activated. The stand out feature of these products is the ability to not only detect motion but the ability to  track the movements of the intruder, so he may get the impression that his activity is being watched which may make him nervous. As soon as motion is detected the camera records video footage of the intruder’s movements to an SD card.

Apart from featuring an auto tracking light with a camera and SD card recording, the NightWatcher 760 Pro Wi-Fi also offers Wi-Fi connectivity to a mobile device, adding a double layer of protection to your home security. Meaning the NightWatcher 760 Pro Wi-Fi has the added ability to send an instant alert to a connected mobile device and footage can be reviewed in real time by using the app. The app also lets him remotely view the activities taking place at his home. This gives the owner 24/7 access to his property from anywhere. This security system gives the homeowner control of his property’s security and enables him to react quickly to a security breach.

While choosing a motion sensing lighting system, consumers should consider various factors. They should purchase a product which is backed by an Australian warranty and offered by a reputed and trusted manufacturer. IQ Innovations is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative and technologically advanced motion sensing lighting.

By installing innovative and technologically advanced motion sensing security cameras, you can deter burglars and intruders from carrying out their unwarranted activities at your home. Thus, you can secure your family, valuables and property from them as well as experience peace of mind.

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Innovative and technologically advanced motion sensing security cameras, owners can deter burglars and intruders from carrying out their unauthorized activities at their home and enhance the safety of their family, valuables and property.


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