Do you know about these super foods that boost male fertility?

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Male fertility has always been a subject of hush-hush discussions. Yes, men can also suffer from infertility leading to difficulty in getting pregnant. Without proper checkups, it is quite difficult to locate.

If you are suffering from male fertility issues, here are some of the dietary items that can help you. These items are easy to find and can improve your chances of getting pregnant:


Walnuts are a good for improving the quality of the sperms. The nuts are filled with omega 3 fatty acids that improve the morphology, count and mortality of the sperm. A daily dose of 75 grams of walnuts can do wonders for male fertility. You can eat it as a snack, add them to the dishes, or include them in the salads.

According to ivf clinic in Kolkata, the patients who had a healthy diet of omega 3 fatty acids had a good supply of sperms. Also, they were able to achieve pregnancy quite early in comparison to other patients.

Blueberries in the diet:

Blueberries are a good source of antioxidants that help in maintaining a healthy fertility rate in male. Also, the presence of quercetin and resveratrol make blueberries a super food for patient who are trying to get pregnant.

You can eat blueberries as it is, or add them in your fruit salads. Blueberry smooties or eating them with yogurt could be a tasty treat, as well as improve your fertility.

Lentils and legumes:

The proteins are known to improving the fertility of the patient. While adding protein rich foods in the diet could help the patient in achieving pregnancy. The obvious sources of protein are red meat, or white meat like chicken and fish. However, for vegetarians, one can have legumes or lentils in their diet. Also, tofu or soya proteins are also good alternatives of non vegetarian sources of protein.

The proteins from lentils and legumes are also known to reduce the chromosomal abnormalities in the sperm. So, fill your bowls with dals during lunch or dinner. Also, eat tofu or other foods that can provide you with healthy proteins.

Bitter Dark Chocolates:   

Yes, chocolates are good for improving the quality of the sperms. In addition to it, chocolates are known to make the sperms healthy. Before you end up buying a lot of over the counter chocolates, you should know that here we are talking about bitter dark chocolates. The over the counter chocolates are filled with extra sugar and preservatives, which can negatively affect your body. These chocolates not only increase weight but also can alter the blood sugar levels. These things can be harmful for fertility in both male and females.

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