Discover the Top 15 Web Page Design Trends for 2017

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Web page design is not a onetime thing; your website needs regular design updates to ensure that it stays in top shape. Therefore, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the latest design trends, which will help to ensure that your site is designed or redesigned up to the latest standards.

Below is a look at the latest Web Page Design trends that can come in handy when designing your site:

Web Page Layouts That Highlight The Content

For a long time, content has been neglect when it comes to web design, with most website owners focusing on things such as appeal, functionality, mobile friendliness, etc. However, with more and more users now being interested in the quality of information, website owners are now being forced to resort to designs that highlight the web content. A good example of such a layout is the grid-based layout, which makes it very easy for users to find the important information on a site.

Use Of Animations

Web designers and developers use visual tools a lot to improve the design appeal of a website in order to capture the user’s attention. These tools, which include infographics, images, and graphics, have been around for a long time now, and they have been used extensively in lots of websites. However, in the last couple of years, a new visual tool has emerged and gained a lot of popularity – animations.

Also, known as cinemagraphs, animations are being used by web designers to add great visual appeal to websites without the risk of affecting the performance. Animations are also a great way of adding movements to otherwise static web pages, something that helps to capture the attention of users.

Bold Bright Colors

Most companies that offer Web Development Services advise clients against using colors that are too flashy, as they can distract the users’ attention from more important parts of the site. Some colors are also irritating, and they can easily cause some users to hit the “back” button. However, in 2017, some designers have been disregarding some of these design principles about colors and going for funkier designs instead.
The philosophy behind this design trend is that vibrant colors help to infuse personality into designs, especially in instances where minimalism and brutalism design practices are used. Therefore, in 2017, you can expect to find a good number of websites sporting bold, bright, and vibrant colors.

User Experienced Based Design

A great user experience helps to entice users to stay longer on a site and take intended action, something that helps to increase the conversion rates of a site. On top of that, users will are more willing to return to a site that offers great user experience. This is something that many website owners have realized in the past few years, and it has resulted in an increase of user experience designing. As a result, new user experience design trends have emerged, as web designers find ways to satisfy their clients’ design needs. Some of these user experience-focus designs include mobile responsiveness, minimalist design approach, use of videos (to offer users more information in a short amount of time), infographics, simplified navigation, etc.

Age Responsiveness Design

In 2015 and 2016, the mobile responsive design practice was one of the most popular web page design trends, and the practice is still trending even now. However, another form of responsive design approach is taking the web design industry by a storm in 2017 – age responsive designing. This new trend is being used by designers to create websites that can adapt their content, layout, and design elements based on the age of the users. With this trend, website owners can now be able to offer a better, personalized user experience to a wide range of users, whether old or young.

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