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When it comes to diamond rings, there are options galore, and you need to keep in mind few things before choosing the right option for you.

When it is time to choose Diamond rings for your engagement, there are so many options available for you. There is also an enormous amount of excitement and anticipation involved with the ring shopping. However, if you do not know what you are looking for, the entire process of finding the perfect ring can be overwhelming. Thus, here you will get to know the most popular styles available in Australia.

Solitaire Style

When you hear the term diamond solitaire, what is being referred to is, a simple piece of jewellery with a single diamond. It is also the most popular kind of diamond within the range of engagement rings. This kind of diamond ring is always popular because solitaire diamond showcases elegance, directing focus solely on the single stone. Nothing defines beauty more like a spark and shine from a single diamond. The unmistakable elegance and style of the solitaire can never go wrong.

Cluster Round Style

In this type of Custom Made Engagement Rings in Brookvale, you will find a cluster of diamonds shaped in a circle. In cluster round diamond, you have the option to make the ring look incredibly modern or a timeless classic, and you have to choose the band according to that. The diamonds in this setting catch the light in every different angle making it a remarkable piece of jewellery to show your commitment and love for the wedding.

Princess Style

This contemporary cut of a diamond is one of the finest where a cluster of diamonds arranges to create a perfect square making it the most sought-after choice. This ring is quite chic in the market and much in trend. Each square shaped diamond adds dimension and depth to the stunning ring. The Princess cut ring can make anyone feel like royalty.

Halo Pear Style

As per the name suggests, this diamond style forms an elegant pear shape to sit gracefully on the ring finger. Having a halo ring also suggests that the centre diamond is surrounded by smaller gems to create an effect of the big diamond. This type of ring always gives, no matter your budget. The teardrop effect created by the Pear cut makes it sought after in the world of engagement rings.

Halo Emerald Style

This style of the ring made its debut in the year 1920s during the Art Deco era. However, this timeless cut has become quite popular today. The clarity and sophistication are what makes it the most popular choice in the world of the engagement ring. The delicate design of this ring is what makes it strikingly beautiful and gives a timeless feel.

Three Stone Styles

The three stone engagement rings are classic and known for its easily customisable ability. As this ring has three gem spaces, you work with different combinations. You can pick the centre stone for diamond and the two others to be your birthstone or another gemstone.

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