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Portable hand washing sinks are available for indoor and outdoor use. Workstations require proper hygiene areas to help uphold cleanliness and protect the health and safety of your employees. With a portable washing station for personal hygiene and for washing small items and supplies, you can create a safer work environment and ensure compliance with health standards, whatever industry you may be working in. Below are only some of the best benefits that portable indoor and outdoor workstation sinks offer:


  • They are self-contained, mobile, and portable. These extremely versatile wash stations are ideal for workstations with diverse hygiene and general washing needs. Because of their mobility and portability, they can easily be adapted for indoor and outdoor use, giving you the best value for your investment as well as the flexibility that you need when creating hygiene stations wherever they may be required. For mobility and portability, these sinks often feature casters, which allow for easy relocation despite the weight of the unit. These casters lock in place to keep the wash station stationery when in use.
  • Modern wash sinks not only offer portability and mobility. Nowadays, hand washing sinks allow for hands-free operation, which helps keep the station more hygienic. They usually feature sensor-activated water supply and soap dispensing operation with the help of infrared beams that ensure efficient supply of water and soap for each hand washing session.
  • Portable sinks are likewise made out of the most ideal materials. The best units are formed from high quality stainless steel metal that ensures durability and compliance with appropriate health and safety standards. These units are also typically self-contained and feature efficient running (clean water) and waste water management and containment.
  • Workstation sinks are ideal for use in all kinds of industrial and commercial settings such as in construction sites, manufacturing plants, commercial kitchens, and similar types of work environments. They can be used for ensuring employee hygiene as well as for creating additional space for cleaning and washing small supplies like glassware and/or work tools. These sinks are worthwhile investments for any business, especially in operations where constant hand washing is a priority. These self-contained units are geared for versatility and mobility, allowing for relocation on demand as well as for convenient handling, as components are very easy to keep in their rightful places and ensure proper operation. These sinks can help keep workstations clean and free from disease-causing germs.

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