How to do competitor Analysis in SEO

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The competitors always understand your business the best. And if you have a ton of competitors no one else can do quite like you.

Competitor analysis in SEO is one of the most important activities to get higher ranking in SEO. SEO depends on nature of your business and scope of the SEO process and be quite complex. Because there are many factors to take into consideration more now than ever before. Tech India Infotech provides the best help to you in this matter the team of experts is there to serve you.

Are you are tired of the losing? Then the time has come to investigate your competitors. Before I start the analysis let me explain that why competitor research is a must. You can check what they are doing well. To get their strategic advantages and you can find link opportunities.

Basically, Competitor Analysis is a management strategy. It is the analysis of your current and your rivals. To maximize your ROI you need to analyze your competitor SEO. The main advantage of competitor analysis is that you can identify how similar products or service in the market and where our company is lagging in their comparison.

How to do competitor Analysis in SEO

  • Identify your SEO competitors

This is the initial phase very helpful if you are starting with SEO process for new clients, customers or industry that you don’t know anything about. In this, you need to start from scratch to find all of the potential relevant competitors.

To find your competitors you can check the companies, websites that offer the same type of content, products or services like you. In case any website competes with your target keywords is also your competitor.

Tips: Use Alexa Top Sites, SimilarWeb Websites Ranking and Sites Profile to find your SEO competitors.

  • Analyze your SEO competitors

Once you have checked your potential competitors that you collected from various sources it’s the time to analyzing and filtering. Doing this activity you can check which of them are already ranking and to which degree for the same keywords that you are targeting.

At the same time, you also expand your list of potential target keywords by doing keyword research. In this research, you must use sources beyond the ones that you had already identified coming from your rivals and your current organic search data.

Tips: To check the ranking use Authority labs, Positionly, Advanced Web Ranking among others.

  • Analyze the Google My Business Page of your SEO competitor

Evaluating your competitors Google My Business page this applies only to local businesses. In this analysis, you need to discover some points given below.

  • Regular updating
  • Engagements
  • Images
  • Reviews
  • Followers of the page.

In case your competitors have not applied the above points in their Google MY Business Page you can take the benefit of their lack of effort.

Tips: Use Moz On-Page Grader, SEO chat’s Page Comparison tool and Web page SEO analysis tool to identify page optimization.

  • Analyze the Social Media of your Competitor

Social media has an important role in SEO, simply you can say it is bigger than SEO. A decent social media campaign is helping to build relationships, allows to interact with customer/clients and helps you to market your content.

If your competitors are engaging on social media, then you just need to do the same. The best way to check out their social accounts and see how active they are.

Tip: Use Social Mention Site to look if they have an engaged audience. You can use this tool to find the social share for an individual page.

  • Check your competitors SEO Strength

It a great idea to get an overview of the SEO strength and estimate of the how much efforts is required to defeat your competitors. You need to gather the potential target keywords and compare it with your site to your competitors.

You need to do this on two levels with Rank Tracker, first is to check the overall domain strength of your rival’s sites and check how it compares to yours. Then you need to analyze the SEO on the keyword-page pair level.

Tips: The Moz SEO Toolbar SERP overplay view, Cognitive SEO Backlink Explorer, and Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer to check the popularity analysis and link related data.

There is always a healthy competition in every business. So how can the online world be an exception to it? The term Competitor Analysis is in practice for decades but as of now, it is playing an important role in SEO.

Competitor Analysis has become a part of your business when you find the keywords which should be used, you have to work on it. If you are not aware of all these tools is research you can hire a good SEO Company or SEO services to get the help. As the experts know how to use the tools to do the research for better ranking of your website.

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Hello, My Name Is Puneet Parmar, I am of 26, working in Tech india Infotech. I Work on Web development and Digital marketing.


Hello, My Name Is Puneet Parmar, I am of 26, working in Tech india Infotech. I Work on Web development and Digital marketing.

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