Cleaning of Swimming Pool is not That Much Hard Now A Days

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Emergency Maintenance

Under this heading only general guidance can be given.

It is assumed that the swimming pool plant operator will fully use all the skills and resources at his disposal, including a study of the manufacturers’ instructions.

If a fault or breakdown occurs, and the reason for it is not immediately apparent, consider the following:

  1. Is the breakdown due to plant or supply failure?
  2. If it is the plant, identify the plant.
  3. Determine the cause of failure of plant.
  4. Decide if the plant failure can be rectified or repaired with the labour and materials available at site.
  5. If the breakdown is due to supply failure, identify which supply, i.e. gas, water, oil, electricity.
  6. Can the supply be restored?

Negative answers to the above will probably necessitate obtaining outside assistance, the kind being determined by the cause of the fault, which should be known broadly, if not in detail.  For instance:

  • An electrical fault requires an electrician (or possibly the Electric Supply Company).
  • A mechanical fault may require the manufacturer’s service engineer.
  • Certain faults may not clearly fall into either of the above categories or may not even have been identified. In these cases a specialist swimming pool maintenance services firm should in the first instance be called in.

It is always helpful when calling outside help to give at the time as much information as possible.  For instance, if a spare part is known to be required, this can be brought on the first visit to site with consequent saving of time and cost.  In some cases, temporary repairs may have to be made in order to quickly restore the plant to a workable condition.  It is essential that this be followed by proper and lasting repairs at the earliest convenient time.

Depending upon the type of breakdown, a decision must be taken on whether the matter is urgent or not.  For instance, standby equipment (e.g. a pump) may be available.

When a breakdown occurs, action may need to be taken immediately to render the plant safe. In such cases the procedure as outlined elsewhere for shutting down the plant and switching off pumps etc. must be followed before any other action necessitated by the breakdown is carried out.  Under the latter heading would be included such action as work on pumps, isolation of plant and circuit because of leaks etc., emptying down, lubrication of moving parts, cleaning of strainers, replacing fuses and similar jobs.

Finally, always try to establish the cause of a breakdown as distinct from merely rectifying the effect.  Although the immediate need may be to restore the plant to working order without delay and by whatever means are possible, never be satisfied with any action, which only repairs the defect or replaces the part.  Investigation in depth may reveal some underlying fault which, if not corrected, may result in a reoccurrence of the trouble, or even perhaps later development of other or more serious faults which are not yet apparent.

Careful and complete details should be recorded of all breakdowns in the logbook.  Date of occurrence, which particular item of equipment, details of the breakdown, any immediately previous maintenance work carried out, previous warnings or evidence of trouble which may have gone unheeded (or acted upon), how the plant generally was operating, any special circumstances or relevant details, readings of hour running meters at the time, or similar information should all be accurately and fully recorded, together with full details of action taken, including both temporary and/or permanent repairs or replacements.  Such records are not only useful to the operating staff, but often provide invaluable clues to outside specialists and service engineers.  From the information given, they may be able to offer advice on improved operating techniques to prevent or minimise reoccurrence of the breakdown.

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