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The year 2018 seems to be the game changer in the recruitment industry, automating and accelerating and shifting of trends.  Latest technologies are contributing and assisting in coming up with the hiring challenges. With the constant state of evolution that recruitment service industry finds itself these days, it would have been impossible to compile an exhaustive list of trends that recruitment industry will be following.

However; we have pulled together the top 5 trends that we think are most important for our recruiters to keep an eye on:

Automation Tops The List Of 2018 Recruitment Service Trends

HR teams need to get ahead here and understand that incorporating AI into their workflows especially recruitments – it can roll in end number of benefits to an organization. The major ones are productivity and cost-cutting. Artificial Intelligence and bots will have a positive influence in figuring out how people work, and what skills are required.

A recent survey by Gartner forecasted that by the year 2030, 55% of high-performing employees will regularly and seamlessly redistribute workloads. Integrating AI within the systems can help work done faster and efficiency and with minimalist errors

With the evolving advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have to lead to smarter platforms, and more. Therefore, it’s important that recruitment service professionals and marketers to keep an eye on in this space and remain consistent evaluating on how these software/system/ tools can save time and money.

2. On The Go – Mobile Recruitment Experience

More and more recruiters across the globe today are using their mobile devices as their primary source of recruitment.  Does it rings a bell!!  You can now probably start to see why mobile is topping the list of 201 trends of recruitment service.

92% of job seekers say their mobile device is an important tool for job searching and 59% use it to search for jobs at least once a day.  More and more companies are now adopting mobile enabled recruitment application process as companies catch up to candidate expectations.

Already, 58% of job seekers believe mobile devices will be the most common way to search for jobs within 2 years and recent survey company revealed that about 20% the job applications were submitted via a mobile device.

5.Adaptation of Marketing and PR Best Practices

In 2018, we expect to see recruitment industry is starting to look more like marketing and PR for the businesses which are doing the best. What we mean by this is recruitment marketers are continuing to adopt best practices from these spaces, bringing over content marketing, candidate lead generation, branding and more into the fold. If you think this would be a lot for your team to take on, you are not alone here.

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