Celebrities and Their Gossips — Why Are We So Into It?

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There is no denying that celebrities are everywhere today and people just love to follow them either on social media or even on streets. But really, when does it become too much? Whether you are just searching for the latest Naija celebrity gossip or plain stalking your favorite celebrities, there is a limit to everything.

The Need for Idolizing Celebrities

The rise of social media has provided everyone full access to more than just the faces of celebrities. It has allowed us to look deeper into the lives of celebrities. From failed relationships to personal issues to even fashion statements. We all see it online.

Sometimes, we do not even realize it but these people mandate what we have to do and what we should not do. It has almost become like they are our masters or idols that we worship. Is that a bad thing?

Well, not really!

We idolize celebrities because it is in our human nature that we want someone to serve as our aspirations. They encourage and motivate us to do better in most aspects of our lives.

Celebrity Gossips

Our love for celebrities is not all rainbows and butterflies. We are familiar with it. As much as many celebrities inspire us, there are still times when gossip hits them and we just love to know what is going on with them.

The question is why. Why do we really need to know?

Below are a few reasons:

1.For Guidance

As we have stated above, celebrities are our inspiration. We know that they are good at whatever they do best and we hope we can be like them. This is why we want to know what they are up to so we can try and imitate them or follow their footsteps. Who knows? If you use Kylie Jenner’s line of lipstick, you will look like her someday?

2.Finding Ourselves in Them

It is a common thing wherever you go that when people talk about celebrities, there is a singular way of doing it. We talk about them as if we know them personally. Of course, we do not know them but who cares if we act like we do? Trying to emulate them develops a sense of empathy and soon we learn to be attached. That’s the point where we start to find that they have traits that are similar to what we have.

3.They Have Better Realities

Admit it. It is just so much better to imagine being with your favorite celebrities and living life the way you see them live it on TV than having to face the stress of school or work. Who does not want to imagine spending a warm summer day at the beaches of the Bahamas with Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth?

4.A Form of Bonding

Many will argue that talking about the latest Naija celebrity gossip is not wrong since we do not really personally know these people. Moreover, there is a chance that you get to know more about a celebrity when you spend a few hours with your friends just chit chatting about them.

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