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Unique Ring Options: Wood Grain Mens Wedding Rings

Individuality is in fashion these days, meaning shoppers like you are looking for something unique and personal when shopping for jewelry.  This demand goes double for shoppers looking for wedding rings.  Entering the second decade of a new century (not to mention a new millennium,) fiancés are looking to buck

More Eye Care – The Spectacle Guru

Eyes are the most beautiful part of our face. If not styled and presented properly, it has the capacity to make or break your look. Apart from styling and carrying what you wear on eyes properly, it is important to take care of this organ in a healthy way. Everything

Leather Manufacturing Company Leather Tannery in India

Simran is one of the leading manufacturers of premium leather garments from India. The company focuses on designing, development, marketing, and manufacturing premium quality leather garments for Men & Women. Headquartered in Delhi, the company has manufacturing facilities of that span an area of 250000sf/25000sq meters in locations Gurgaon, Bhiwadi,

The Era of Jhumka Earrings Only At Blingstation

The history of earrings is as old as 3000 BC. A popular belief associated with earrings, in Middle East in particular, was that they were symbolic of the wealth that the wearer possessed. During that time, earrings made with precious metals, such as, gold, silver, bronze, and studded with gemstones,

Transactions & Trust: The Value of Blockchain Technology | Rpay

Blockchain is about so much more for the consumer goods and retail industries.Blockchain may well be nascent in the retail sector. However, given its ability to deliver low-cost, secure sharing of information and value, which is expected to rival the transformative capabilities of the Internet, it clearly has the potential to bring path-breaking

7 Types of Earrings Every Woman Must Have

Blingstation's Earrings Designs

Jhumkas Earrings Jhumka earrings have been in vogue since an endless number of years. With origins in South India, they are also referred to as traditional temple earrings. Jhumka earrings resemble the shape of conical or circular domes or bells. These are available in distinctive designs and in every region

Vintage Engagement Ring: The Victorian Era Designer Jewellery

Vintage Victorian Engagement Rings

Victorian elegances are some of the greatest prevalent when it derives to vintage engagement rings. There has been an enormous increase in demand for vintage jewellery of late, however it can be hard to recognize which designs are trustworthy Victorian as well as which are from a later era. Jewellery

Stylish Sunglasses Which Never Go Out Of Fashion

Sunglasses, may sound furbish and notorious, but has the capacity to make or break the outfit. Hence it is very important to have a good pair of shades. Apart from using shades to make a fashion statement, using sunglasses have other perks too. Not only it helps you to protect eyes


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