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Understanding the Real Estate Agent’s Commission for NELA Homebuyers

Tracy King

The agent compensation system in Northeast Los Angeles is designed to ensure smart, smooth transactions that are fair to both buyers and sellers. The process of purchasing a home, particularly for first-time homebuyers, is somewhat opaque. You sign a contract with a broker, who you might view as your shopping friend,

Understanding Home Closing Costs in Southern California

Tracy King

Real estate closings involve multiple parties performing several tasks to ensure legal transfer of the property, plus a solid loan contract with your lender. Looking to buy a house in Northeast Los Angeles – NELA, as it is known – but unclear of the process and amount of money needed? A

Toronto’s Paragon International Wealth Management, “Record-Breaking Auction Prices Support High Investment Interest in Colored Diamonds”

2017 will go down in the record books as "the year of the fancy colored diamond," says Michael King, Director of Trading for Paragon International Wealth Management, a Toronto-based firm that specializes in advising clients on adding fancy colored diamonds to their investment portfolio. A pair of fancy colored diamond earrings set a new


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