What we can make with Tulle : uses of tulle fabric

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What we can make with Tulle?

   Tulle is a lightweight material made up of Nylon, Polyester, Silk, rayon. Tulle is a net type fabric which is easy to wear. The specialty of Tulle is multi usage, it stands as a supportive material to the other fabrics, which in turn gives a special look. Tulle used in wedding decoration, Bridal dress, Tablecloth, flower bouquet, women’s fashion wear( Gowns, Ballet Tutu, tops) Organza bags, etc..


Wedding Decoration:                                                                                                                                                   


                   Wedding stage background is decorated with Tulle. Different colors of Tulle are rolled into a pattern and pin on a fabric cloth. These types of Tulle decoration have become a Trendy among the wedding planner. Tulle’s are tied on the top of the chair which gives a ravishing look to the wedding venue. Outdoor wedding are entirely decorated with Tulle.The venue looks very colorful if we decorated with Tulle.




Bridal Dress:

         Bridals wedding dress is made with Tulle material. When it comes to wedding, surely Bride dress will be made in Tulle. The Bride’s face will be covered with veils. The Veil is a pure Tulle fabric material.



Flower Bouquet:

         Tulle hangings are tied with the bunch of Flowers. Tulle is tied in a decorated pattern around the flowers which adds a special look along with the odour of the flower.       


Tulle Dress:

       Fashion designers are making super clothing with Tulle. In Ballet dance, dancers prefer Tutu dress which is comfortable for their dance.Tulle dress looks very trendy for women, kids. By using Tulle, women wear dress types like Bridesmaid dress, bride dress, Tulle dress toddler, long Tulle Gown, mini tulle dress, kids gowns. For wedding or party, young girls like to wear Tulle dress.


Home Decor:

       Tulle products are decorating the house interiors by Window covering, Tulle pillow, Tulle rolls hanging in a rooftop, Tulle table skirt cloths. Home makers shop Tulle crafted product for home decorations like Tulle Pom- Pom, floral mesh, Tulle curtains, Tulle wreath.


Organza Bags:

         Wrapping the jewel gifts in a colored Gift paper is old style.Now-a-days placing a Gold jewel in an organza bags is an order of the day. Organza bags are made with Tulle, satin fabrics. Organza bags are cheaper in price also gives a grand look at a function.


Tulle material is available at a  cheap price in a market. Tulle fabric is in a rolls , bolt, fabric cloth. Choose a right shopping website for buying a quality Tulle in a wholesale price.

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