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Across the Globe, digitized products and administrations are changing enterprises, improving lives, and driving advancement. The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) has a chance to jump to leapfrog of the quick moving worldwide digital economy.

Asean Digital has always been delivering 100% worth to the participants of the events organized by them. Noteworthy & well-known Speakers & guest speakers have been invited to educate & share their knowledge on <a href=>Cyptocurrencies</a> & <a href=>Blockchain</a>. The workshops shall be conducted during the conference which is very useful for the entrepreneurs for implementation of Blockchain in their business & also investors were educated on their future steps to be taking on investments.

Here’s an exclusive Blockchain: Design for a New Economy which will be Hosted on 25th and 26th of  September 2018 at Royal Orchid Sheraton in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is anticipated that people across 20+ countries would be participating. With over 25+ speakers and 1000+ Attendees and Blockchain Enthusiast. Robert Schwertner, Master of Event Austria and  Marcela Atzori, PH.D. Blockchain & Govtech, European Commission United Kingdom would be the Advisors.


About the Summit


Digital literacy towards human race improves all walks of lives and gives opportunities. As economies worldwide have been rising above quick and to guarantee our computerized readiness, Advanced ASEAN which comprises of experts and enthusiasts venture forward aiming to conquer any hindrance in computerized changes between organizations, network, and government.

As ASEAN nations plan for the digital age, but from various beginning stages and with various degrees of progression, distinctive policies should be organized to oversee change. Be that as, in all cases, through greater investment in digital infrastructure, hard and soft, promoting digital readiness, hard and delicate, and the take-up of computerized solutions, both by consumers and firms, will be a precondition for access to the advantages offered by new innovations.

Advanced ASEAN visions to be the head organization for leading in advancing computerized economy forums, conferences, summits and a wide range of occasions with the help of global associations and people.

Speakers of the conference including <a href=>blockchain investors</a> developers, legal advisors, and blockchain developers discussed recent issues of the industry:

  • Development of the digital economy of the state;
  • Tools for new blockchain solutions;
  • Legal regulation of cryptocurrencies around the world;
  • Blockchain application in business processes;
  • Best practices to be carried-out for token issuers and guarantees for investors.


Why Attend:

  • To learn beyond your field of interest
  • To network
  • To present your work and ideas with others
  • To expand your insight towards the digitization

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