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Decades of discriminatory policies have created deep scars across SA social landscape, even creating one of the most polarized and unequal societies of the world.  The enduring racial and spatial dimension, of poverty & depreciation in South Africa, has made the lives of the black people because of that they are suffering a lot. Now, the time has come when, Black people require a programme to unite them into a strong force which can make them learn to use of its numerical ability fighting against the enemy.

RET is a very famous term getting used in South Africa, but it does not mean that everyone knows the meaning  of RET. Actually the term Radical Economic Transformation (RET) is a minimum program that can unite blacks towards total liberation. A minimal programme by definition offers a signpost towards the utmost programme, which is run by BLF specially. For the BLF (Black First Land First) movement, the maximum programme will be black socialism where the white supremacy is guessed to be defeated and then blacks own the country. This strategy will enrich wealth, and will be greatly enjoyed by all equitably. Because, the main focus, of liberation, are black people.

You will be having a question that “who is the enemy of black people today?” which needs to be clarified. Revolutionary ideologies like Pan Africanism & Black Consciousness guide us depending upon the original transgression against blacks, which is colonialism and slavery. In South Africa, that’s the only reason that apartheid is still prevalent. But talking about the black point of view, only white people have colonized (theft of land), enslaved (theft of people) and implemented apartheid (white supremacy into law) in the country. It is important to include another theft into this list that is theft of black people labor, through super-exploitation, and that is just to ensure white comfort and profits at black expense.

The ruling class of South Africa is WMC.

One and only white supremacy is responsible for apartheid, colonialism, and slavery. However, they follow a concept to rule on the South Africa. And the concept is “White monopolists brings us closer to whom, who are our enemy. The primary goal is to improve the lives of black people, so we need to uplift their lives by providing contributions.”

Support For Black People Improvement By Giving Contributions

The group of our people has responded in adequate numbers to BLF (Black First Land First) in Radical Economic Transformation (RET) public meeting yesterday. BLF has called upon all progressive people as well as organizations to meet at Thokaza in Sam Ntuli Stadium for supporting the Radical Economic Transformation Agenda. The number of people who have responded surpassed the expectations of BLF & the financial ability.

As we speak, plenty of our people have ensured attendance. We need your assistance and support. This is the call to all BLF people, who understand the requirement to defend Radical Economic Transformation (RET). No donation will be very small, because this is our fight for the right, so we have to make a contribution to realize RET. We even know, white monopoly capital will never fund a programme for the liberty of South African blacks. So, we have to stand together & demand economic liberation from now onwards. RET is a land expropriation without any compensation!

Please Kindly deposit or send through EFT, all donations into the bank account

  • Black First Land First (FNB)
  • Cheque Account: Black First Land First
  • Account Number: 62571202911

For more information, call Martha 0636301598.

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