Best States To Work For Registered Nurses

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the states that offer the best pay and working conditions to Registered Nurses when compared to other states in America.

The Top Five states for Registered Nurses are mentioned below:

  1. California: A Registered Nurse average salary is $102,700, while their average pay per hour is $49.37, last year a total of 282,290 registered nurses were working in the Golden State. California topped the list for paying the highest average hourly rate as well as the average RN salary.
  2. Hawaii: Another amazing state that offers a registered nurse an average salary of $96,990, while the average hourly rate is $46.63. A total of 10,800 registered nurses reportedly worked in Hawaii last year.
  3. District of Columbia: Often dubbed as DC, A registered nurse average salary is $90,110 in this state, while the average hourly rate is $43.32. A total of 11,000 registered nurses reportedly worked in DC last year.
  4. Massachusetts: Registered Nurses average yearly salary is $89,330 in Massachusetts, while the average hourly rate is $42.95. It is the second highest in terms of registered nurses working in a state with a total of 82,870.
  5. Oregon: Registered Nurses average yearly salary is $88,770 in Oregon, while the average hourly rate is $42.68. A total of 35,140 registered nurses reportedly worked in Oregon last year.

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Best States To Work For Registered Nurses

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