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Knowing that you like to drive, have an excellent driving record, and are a people-person, being a driver with Boraq and the limo companies that we work with, is easy and can be rewarding.
The application to drive for Boraq and the limo companies is effortless and takes, in most cases, only one week to be approved. You will have no minimum number of hours to drive. This is up to you: drive when you want, knowing that the possibility could be a variation of hours in a 24/7-time period. Training is provided, and you will drive a nice, quality vehicle.
Each rider will have a profile so that you will know who you are picking up. You will be able to see their ratings from other drivers. As a driver, you will, most likely, meet nice people and may engage in conversations, depending on the safety on the road. You will be expected to be courteous at all times, offer excellent customer service, and keep the safety of your riders as a priority at all times.
A feature that is unique to Boraq is a bidding option. Passengers might opt to bid on a ride. You have the discretion to accept the bid amount or not. Accepting bids might be considered when/if rides are scarce, of course, depending on the time of day or night. Again, this is your decision.
You, as a driver, will be equipped with navigation, so that you can focus on the road and take the most efficient routes to your clients’ destination(s). There will be no guessing, thus keeping your passengers and their journey’s end top-of-mind.
Since payment is provided through the app by the passenger, you will not be bothered with payment options.
*Our riders are always encouraged to offer feedback about their drivers. 

And Second
We look forward to continued success and satisfaction from both drivers and passengers.

With the dawning of driverless vehicles, we find ourselves wondering many things such as, how safe they are to ride in, be near in traffic, and also if they may need repair. It’s amazing how science fiction from long ago, has brought this reality forward.
It is no secret that many companies are exploring the realities of driverless vehicles. Giants, such as Tesla, and Electrolux are now testing trucks and semi-trucks. Many people are unsure about autonomous cars, however, are curious and want to seize any opportunity that might save them money or bring them success. We are also curious about how many lives driverless cars may save, or how many accidents might be prevented.
Uber, a multi-billion dollar company known for their ridesharing program, began testing driverless cars in the Pittsburgh, PA area in 2016-2017. Since thousands of people drive for Uber, they could become fearful of losing their jobs (many full-time), if this spreads nationwide. Also, how will passengers react to a car with no driver?
Boraq wants to let their customers know that no matter what the verdict is on driverless vehicles in a commercial setting, their mission is to provide their app for both scenarios. The Boraq app provides opportunity to everyone involved, especially the customer. He or she will not need to worry about their driving experience, since it can stay the same, or be directed towards a driverless-car situation.
We also want you to know that our great service will remain the same with whichever driving scenario you choose. We will be available to assist you and do our part to extend an exceptional customer/driver experience.
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