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With the advancement in the technology and in this era of “internet everything” there is no secret that all services are going to be the target of the malicious users. Today, as an individual or as a company, it is quite common in falling victim to hacking and it can be a horrible experience and as well as costly one too. Apart from losing money, victims of these breaches feel like they have lost a lot more because this may lead to the consumers and investors to lose trust in their brand, resulting in stock and revenues temporarily falling down. As an IT company owner, if your official website and confidential data were hacked then you need to deal with restoring your site to a good working state and you also need to take necessary steps to help prevent a repeated attack on your site.

Recovering from the hack is overwhelming but it is only possible if you hire a professional hacker. Cyber Defense Group (CDG) is the most reputable, safest and best place to hire professional hackers that have years of experience in this field. Our team of well trained and highly knowledgeable experts will give you a 100% guarantee of success and we are fully dedicated to what we do. We help you in providing Hacking Recovery services that include email account recovery, social accounts recovery, database or website and Smartphone hacking recovery etc. CDG always try to be simple and friendly to our clients and this is the reason we have more than thousands of satisfied clients.

The organisation such as medical practices, hospitals, biotech firms, pharmacies etc. that manages electronic protected health information or ePHI needs to have Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance. If you own a hospital then having HIPAA Compliance is very important in protecting your patience and business from a potential data breach. Cyber Defense Group’s teams of compliance, IT, and legal experts have helped hundreds of healthcare and technology organisations by providing HIPAA Compliance Solutions. The services provided by HIPAA will help your organisation identify and prioritise your company’s data risks and mitigation efforts, document and improve policy and procedures and develop a sustainable HIPAA compliance program.

Along with HIPAA, the companies or organisations that are already in complex with data protection directive must ensure that they are compliant with the new requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Act. The GDPR applies to each member state of the European Union and the companies that failed to achieve GDPR compliance before the deadline is subjected to stiff penalties and fines. CDG will help you in every step of the way on your path towards European Union General Data Protection Regulation and when you partner with CDG, you’ll love our detailed work and world-class support. For more details and information please visit our website here:

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Cyber Defense Group is a trusted cyber security consultancy located in Los Angeles, CA formed by cyber security professionals from multiple industries. For more information about European Union General Data Protection Regulation visit our website


Cyber Defense Group is a trusted cyber security consultancy located in Los Angeles, CA formed by cyber security professionals from multiple industries.

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