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Colour Outside the Lines

The colors you choose for your bedroom set the tone and mood for the entire space.

Climbing the walls. Opt for calming hues on walls. Vibrant colors may appeal to you, but they don’t help with sleep and relaxation. Neutral (e.g., taupes, greys, beiges and whites) or muted tones and light pastels help you wind down and make the space feel calmer.

Colour by numbers. Choose lighter colors to make a room appear larger, and darker colors to make a room appear more intimate and warm.

Make a splash. Instead of blanketing your walls with colour, take a subtle approach and add splashes of colour with décor and bedding. A pop of colour from pillows or artwork expresses your creative side without disrupting harmony.

Spin the wheel. Colour shades that are parallel on the colour wheel encourage rest more than colors that contrast or are unrelated. If you want a contemporary look, incorporate contrasting colors into the room accents.

Get in touch with your feelings. Rich shades of red, orange, yellow (warm colors), can create a cozy feeling. Certain blues and blue-greens, or cool colors, can have a soothing elect and can even make a room feel cooler.


Be Touchy-Feely

The materials you choose for your bedroom impact how well you sleep and how happy you feel when you’re in the room during the day.

Shout-out for sheets. When shopping for sheets, test different thread counts, fabric compositions and weaves to determine what’s most appealing to you.

Pillow pointers. Compare different fillings and weights to test the feel of pillows and comforters before purchasing.

Hard and soft. The use of contrasting textures can have a powerful effect, similar to colour contrasts, and can bring life to your room.

Feet first. Your rug is the last thing you touch before you get in bed and the first thing you set foot on in the morning, so choose one that feels great and has colour and texture that complement your room. Consider shag, silk, chenille or even faux fur.

Function first. You want your bedding to look great, but you also need it to feel great. If you tend to get too hot or too cold at night, buy materials that will help keep you comfortable.


Décor Details

When creating your perfect bedroom, make the space comfortable and welcoming.

Ban clutter. Your mind is already full of the day’s clutter, so keep your bedroom somewhat sparse and your accessories to a minimum to create a calming environment. Making the bed the focal point can help you streamline the room.

Embrace meaning. Display a few significant photographs and memorabilia pieces to add personal history to your room.

Act natural. Plants and fresh flowers bring energy into the room and remove toxins from the air, making it a happier and healthier place to live and sleep.

A place for everything. Design your space so that everything has a place (you might have to do some purging!) and then make sure you keep it all where it belongs. Maintaining order makes it easier to find things and makes your room more inviting.

Keep it fresh. Periodically rearrange accessories and swap out pieces for something new so that you’ll want to open your eyes to your space each morning.


The Perfect Arrangement

The location of furniture within your bedroom not only impacts how functional the space is, but also how cozy or welcoming the room feels. Here’s how to optimise your floor plan.

Best bed bet. Face your bed away from the door or window so light is less likely to bother you. When you have your new bed delivered, place it on an interior wall if possible.

Nestled in. Keep nightstands within reach of your bed and choose pieces that are an appropriate height in proportion to your bed.

Separate but equal. Designate different areas of the room for different activities: work, reading, sleeping, etc.

Safety first. Make sure there is an unobstructed path to your bed so you don’t trip if you get up in the night

Look out for the Bedroom furniture store in Perth and you will find Beds4u providing best in class home décor products. Mattress shops in Perth and Western Australia are in increased demand because of its quality.

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Look out for the Bedroom furniture store in Perth and you will find Beds4u providing best in class home décor products. Mattress shops in Perth and Western Australia are in increased demand because of its quality.


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