Beautiful and Functional Walk-In Shower Design Ideas for Your Bathroom Re-Do

When it comes to designing modern homes, people go great lengths to ensure super attractive finishes that are both beautiful and functional at the same time. Creative innovations in materials designing and all the other usable accessories have evolved bathroom themes greatly and the modern styling is able to combine beauty and function efficiently. Showers spaces are some of the most significant ones in any modern bathroom and when done right, can make your bathroom look great.

There are a number of showers designing ideas that are used in the modern day, walk-in showers are very common for stylized people because of the ease of use and pleasant looks that they bring. These types of showers are generally separated from the rest of the bathroom with some type of an enclosure setup and most of the times glass is used as the enclosure or shower door material in many of its different suitable finishes. Here are some beautiful and functional walk-in shower re-do ideas that you can benefit from for your New Year’s redesigning:

Glass Shower Enclosure

As simple as their name is, these ones are basic enclosures that provide the comfort of a shower space that is confined within itself and doesn’t interfere with the rest of the bathroom. Shower Glass Panel arrangement with doors or sides are available in frameless or framed options, you can choose any ones that you prefer along with different glass types and finishes.

Have your glass panels, doors or walls installed in a full-length type with them being adjacent to the floor and going right up to the ceiling as well. You will need to seal the floor attachment with gels in order to not let water seep through keeping all the rest of the bathroom area as dry as possible.


Attic or Window Styled Shower

The beauty with walk-in showers is that you can have them styled in many different settings. Having large windows installed within these walk-in shower spaces is a great idea when you want that natural feel with daylight and fresh air. An attic style window can run down at an angle and will provide better privacy than a regular straight style window. You can have your window glass in any type and style that you want.

Put some functional blinds on them for privacy during the night times that you can easily roll down. The better choice of glass with this type of attic or window shower installation is the clear laminated glass, which will provide that much more strength along with all the natural daylight maximization for the rest of the bathroom as well.

Combine the Shower and Steam Room in One Space

Shower and steam arrangements are quite the trend in the present times. Usually, bathrooms employee both of these at separate portions but with walk-in showers, just that one big space with the shower and steam outlets at different sides of the walls is a great idea. The main purpose of a walk-in arrangement is to not have many doors and closed spaces and combining these two will work for that efficiently.

The other benefit you will get while redoing your bathroom with this implementation is you will be able to enjoy a spa-like shower space whenever you open up those steam tabs and shower after. Include a couple of steam benches to provide that comfortable steam bath and shower after and keep the room lit lightly for an extenuating look and feel.

A Private Spa with Shower

While we are suggesting a spa-like arrangement, why not get the real thing in your bathroom. When you can build a wall attached long and wide bench along with some in-wall shelves for storing all those spa treatments and spa-like Jacuzzi and steam outlets within the shower enclosure, you will be able to enjoy the private spa at your convenience without having to arrange any appointments.

Be sure to make the spa space large enough for the whole idea and use clear quoted laminated glass for the front door and panels. A set of Frameless Sliding Shower Doors can always be a great idea providing maximum steamy feel and that hazy glass look as well.

A Modern Round Center Shower Enclosure

If you are someone who likes that innovation in their bathroom design, round center shower enclosure is a very modern and still unique idea. This implementation will only work great when you have a bigger bathroom space. Make sure to place this round shower enclosure in the center of your bathroom for a symmetrical finish and run it all the way from the floor to the ceiling with the bottom filled with silicone gels.

For the shower, a rain shower fitted in the ceiling for this great round enclosure idea is the most suitable implementation. You will be standing in the middle of the bathroom and getting that exquisite feeling of the rain mixed with the comfort of having it hot or cold whenever required.

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