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Wedding, without any doubt, is a special part in the life of a couple. They want it to be so stunning so that they can treasure its memories afterwards. They wish for the world to see the beginning of their beautiful journey. They crave to feel each moment. They want to get captured in the minute. When the two souls come together for a lifetime, they desire to make it memorable.

A wedding reception is mandatory after a beautiful wedding ceremony. Some people believe in keeping the wedding ceremony a private affair& at the same time some people believe in making it a grand event. One and all loves doing it in the way they want to but when it comes to the wedding reception, the idea of throwing a big bash for the closed ones as well as the far ones is a universal concept. In this day and age, wedding reception is as much significant as the wedding ceremony or the pre wedding functions. It also helps in creating wonderful memories for the lifetime. In fact the famous celebrities throw a grand wedding reception for their dear ones. It becomes a star studded affair.

Delhi, undoubtedly, is one the most preferred destinations where one can throw the wedding reception party. Delhi provides you with a great number of banquet halls for the purpose of wedding receptions. In Delhi, you can find a banquet hall that fits into your budget and also matches your status.

Below we are providing you with a number of points that may help you in selecting a suitable banquet hall for your wedding reception. Take a look.

  1. The theme of the wedding reception: it has become a trend these days to have a theme for wedding as well as the reception. It makes it a perfect event when everything goes as per the plan. Having a theme for the event is a good option but to make the arrangements as per the theme is the real task of the banquet hall organisers. They need to make the clients content with their preparations. Once the clients get satisfied, their guests will eventually like it. The theme is usually selected by the couple or their wedding planner but it is always good to do a good research before picking up any theme for the big day.


  1. The catering: catering is one the basic factors upon which the guests judge an event. The guests may not remember what they wore at the event or what they did at the event but they will always remember the food they had at the event. Thus the catering services being provided by the banquet hall cannot be neglected. In fact most of the guests attend the event only with the purpose of munching on the food. The catering services not only include the food and the drinks but it also includes the crockery used, the arrangement of the furniture, the presentation of the food and the food stalls and what not.


  1. The location of the banquet hall: the location of the banquet hall is another factor to judge an event. The location where you will decide to carry out your special event will actually represent your reputation.  The guests will automatically compare their standard with the standard of the banquet hall. Therefore one should pick the banquet hall that may not disappoint his guests as well as the hosts. Also one must see the surroundings of the hall and the presence & the capacity of the banquet hall. Satisfaction of the guest should be the main concern.


  1. The capacity of the banquet hall: if you are done with the guests list, then your next task is to look for a banquet which matches the capacity of holding the number of guests present in your guest list. Make sure that you choose a venue that is much more capable then you thought of because it’s better to be safe than sorry.


  1. A wedding planner: it’s not just a trend these days to book a wedding planner to solve all your wedding related worries but also it is essential to book someone who is well experienced in planning & organising events so that your occasion can happen effectively.


  1. The ambience of the banquet hall: ambience will not only influence your guests but will also make the event to go on smoothly.


  1. The availability of the banquet hall: it is not necessary that you can avail the desired banquet hall on your selected date. You may face date issues as it becomes quite hard to get the venue, especially in the season of wedding. You need to check which banquet halls are available on the dates of your event. You need to check it much before the date of the event.


  1. Review the banquet hall: if you are confused in choosing the best banquet hall, then you can simply review it either online, through wedding planners or the people who have been the clients of the selected banquet hall.


  1. The budget: the most important point is to see that the selected banquet hall fits into your budget. It is actually the base of planning the whole event.

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L’ Elegant is a best banquet event center situated in Delhi NCR region, best for wedding occasions, corporate events, kitty parties, birthday party and other purposes. Offer a wonderful space that is perfectly suited for making important events.


L’ Elegant is a best banquet event center situated in Delhi NCR region, best for wedding occasions, corporate events, kitty parties, birthday party and other purposes. Offer a wonderful space that is perfectly suited for making important events.

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