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The outdoor wedding is an event which happens on a Grass ground in a house backyard or a hotel/Resort. This type of outdoor wedding will be on a budget, but nowadays even millionaires do outdoor wedding ceremony in a grand manner in a Beautiful location. Peoples conduct an event in a private Hotels/Resort or beautiful location so, that they can enjoy the event in an open space who usually stuck in a closed room.

Now, Let see which products can we choose to decorate outdoor wedding ceremony in a great way.


Decorate the entrance of the outdoor wedding by dropping the Tulle fabrics folds with Flowers arranged. Welcome friends and relatives in a Red carpet. Select attractive color in buying a Tulle fabric so that you can grab the attention of the guest.


Drop Rose petals on a middle of the walkway and place flower stand on the two sides of the chair arrangements. Decorate Chairs with chair covers, sashes that will add a pleasant look to the wedding ceremony. You can also prefer lightings, Pim Pom balls, Floral decorations.


A canopy is a place where the actual event happens between the Bride and Groom. Canopy decoration should be much important because everyone’s vision will be on the stage. Canopy’s roof can be decorated with Tulle hangings garnished with the Floral arrangement. Four sides of the canopy can be arranged with White patterns of Tulle fabric.


Guest’s food served in a Banquet area. We should make the guest comfortable with the seating arrangements. Dinner table should be arranged in a manner that Dinner table should be covered with the Tablecloths with Table overlays or Table runners. Food plates, Spoons, knives, food menus should be taken care. Bearers should behave gently to the guest and ask for the needs. Banquet area roof can be covered with the Tulle fabric.
You can display wedding sign boards inside a deco mesh wreath, that will show your wedding event unique from others.

Mostly prefer White or red colour decoration supplies for the wedding occasion, it suits the brides white color bridal wear. The Key role for a successful event is decoration, Choose a right decorations supplies product. While choosing decorations supplies, choose colours that grab the attention of the guest. Fuzzy fabric sells decorations supplies like Chair covers, chair sashes, Tablecloths, Table runners, Tulle fabrics, Ribbons, napkins in a price of renting price. Save money by shopping at
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Fuzzy Fabric is a manufacturer and a distributor of high quality tulles, wholesale ribbons, tablecloths, wedding supplies,floral mesh,chair covers and organza bags.We have served more than 1 Million Customers for the past 19 years.

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