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Everything You Should Know about Making Internet Available and Using it at Sea

February 11, 2019 | Posted in Business

If you are planning to travel through sea routes or taking a cruise ship tour, then thoughts about not having your mobile devices and internet will make you feel impatient. There were good old times when people were not addicted to their buzzing smartphones, alerts, and social media feeds. Newspapers, magazines and family or friends …

Five Reasons Making the Maritime Industry Vulnerable to Cyber attacks

August 11, 2018 | Posted in Internet

The internet has become a part and parcel of every business and the maritime industry is no exception. However, this has been a double-edged sword to the industry, asthe introduction of internet in business processes has also made it more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Ship owners are adopting various maritime communication technologies such as Fleet Xpress, …

Access to the Internet: An On-Board Necessity for Crew Members

April 6, 2018 | Posted in Business

The internet makes the world appear a small place to live due to the seamless connectivity it offers. In the present day and time, it is impossible to imagine a day without the internet services.  Almost every industry has embraced digitization and shipping industry is no exception. Shipping companies are bringing faster and faster internet …

Top Three Benefits of Having Internet Access During Maritime Training

January 23, 2018 | Posted in Communications

The excessive availability of internet aboard ships today has opened amazing opportunities for mariners as far as informal education, professional development, and maintaining a constant connect with learning communities is concerned. Technology has progressed rapidly and with internet now readily available in houses and workplaces, society has drastically transformed. Connectivity eliminates the distance allowing personal …

Everything You Must Know About the Revolutionary Services of Maritime Satellite Communication

December 30, 2017 | Posted in Communications

Internet is an important part of our lives. It is hard to imagine even a single day without the internet. In fact today, you could even say that the internet has grown from a luxury to a public utility and necessary for the modern man. It has become more and more important to stay in …

How VSAT Benefits Crew Members on Ships and Sea Vessels?

December 2, 2017 | Posted in Communications

The craze regarding voice over internet protocol (VOIP) has reached a zenith due to its numerous benefits. Along with bringing the telecommunication industry to a new high, many other industries have also been attracted to it due to its ease of use and the importance of instant communication. Presently, many maritime industries are doing their …

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