An eVisa eases a trip to Thailand for tourists

March 11, 2019 | Author: | Posted in Tour & Travels

Summary: Thailand makes a provision for eVisas for trips to Thailand for natives of 21 countries who meet pre-specified requirements.

A visa essentially is an authorisation that allows a visitor to visit a certain country. It may be in the form of a document as a sticker, attached to the passport page, or it may even be in the form of a stamp pasted on a passport page. In either of the format, a visa implies that for the specified duration, an individual is allowed to stay over in a particular country. It also specifies the date of entry and exit of the person. Visas are often defined based upon the purpose of a tourist’s visit, and a few of the common types of visas that a tourist can apply for include tourist visa, transit visa, medical visa, working visa and business visa. If a tourist is planning to tour Thailand, they can get a Thai visa on arrival, but subject to some conditions.

Passport holders from 21 countries are allowed to enter Thailand if they meet the following requirements. The visit must be for the purpose of tourism only. Similarly, the passport should be valid for minimum 30 days and it should be genuine. The individual attempting to avail visa on arrival must also have valid and verifiable address in Thailand, of an apartment or a hotel. In the same way, a tourist must offer a valid proof that he would be flying out of Thailand within 15 days following entry. Open tickets often do not form a sufficient proof of application. In the same way, travelling out of Thailand by train to any of the neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos or Mynamar is not an acceptable proof of exiting Thailand. It may be possible that a tourist is refused entry on these grounds. It is then important that a tourist who is attempting to enter Thailand and applying for visa on arrival has 10,000 THB per person and 20,000 THB per family while his stay in Thailand lasts. Similarly, the tourist must pay 2,000 THB in Thai currency in cash. This amount is subject to change without prior notice. A few of the native countries, the tourists of whom can access Visa on arrival include Andorra, Bulgaria, Bhutan, China, Cyprus and Ethiopia. Otherwise possession of a Thailand visa or Thai eVisa is essential.

Obtaining a tourist visa for travelling to Thailand is believed to be a relatively easy task. A tourist can even get access to a Thailand eVisa online, by just a few clicks. In order to get a tourist eVisa for a visit to Thailand, a tourist is required to fill up a form and make a payment with a valid credit card. In a matter of a few hours, the electronic visa is sent via email. A tourist must nevertheless meet the following conditions for being eligible for obtaining an eVisa. He must have a valid passport which allows him to complete the application, which takes just a few minutes for completion. In order to complete the procedure, applicants are required to fill in their contact information, travel plans and passport details, along with response to a few of the security related questions.

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