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With the mushrooming e-commerce industry, the ease of buying goods and service virtually has taken the consumer market to a point, from where, there is no looking back. From expensive appliances to everyday grocery, the digital realm accounts for almost all sorts of aspirations one can have. Jewellery buying which was traditionally considered an auspicious thing was usually done through the designated family jewellers, however, the changing trend is setting new norms for this practice by replacing it with lavishly designed online stores that have end to end solutions for your jewellery needs.

Designed to perfection, these stores offer an array of contemporary designs, styles and accessories to suit the modern sensibilities of the consumers today. From pre-sales services where there drop by at your home to offer a dekko to post-sales warranty, the offerings are endless, making it a tough choice for the consumer to pick and choose the most credible jewellery shops online that offer the classic Indian jewellery designs with a global touch.

Needless to say, one has to think through before plunging into a heavy investment and rely on jewellery websites. To make it easy, here are a few aspects you should consider before putting your faith in any jewellery shops online and spending that hard earned moolah.

Eyeful designs are easy to get lured away with; however, it’s crucial for buyers to check for the credibility of the website. Have a look at the testimonials of previous buyers, the overall website rating basis the user experience etc. Check out the details of the certificates of authenticity offered by the jewellery website. Any self proclaimed certification does not hold any good; instead look for out, certifications by ISO, Hallmark or Gemmology Institute etc.

Style Sense
Whether you opt for more traditional styles in Indian jewellery designs or you seek a modern approach in your accessories, the options offered by the website should cater to both preferences; it should have a mix of designs, patterns, and innovative styles as well as a blend of conventional appeal too. The jewellery should not only be sturdy but lasting, in terms of style.

Return Worthy
Always read the return/exchange policies before swiping the card. The actual product often differs from the product shown online; hence you must be aware of the protocols you can take, in case of dissatisfaction with the product. Steer clear of websites that do not offer ample customer care backup for return or are not very exchange and grievance friendly.

Compare It Well
Take out time to view all the images shown for any product you like, compare it with other websites available to check for any pricing discrepancy, paperwork terms (referring to quality, certification, value in gms/carat) and also feel free to reach out to the seller for any queries before blindly getting carried away with the product.

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