Action-Packed Experiences on a Mallorca Family Holiday: Scuba Diving

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Active families with a thirst for adventure and novelty could not be served much better than by a holiday on the island getaway of Mallorca. Its amenities are incredibly diverse, with facilities for almost anything one could think of. And what could be a more exotic family adventure than scuba diving?

Scuba diving is a great holiday activity to take up intensely and then put away until next year. It’s not just an adult pursuit either: instructors, packages and gear are all available for children to safely explore a totally different world. Get ready to blow their minds in Mallorca!

This shimmering island getaway not only boasts the facilities but the sights too – the surrounding Mediterranean is suffused with maritime life of all shapes, sizes and colours. It’s an awe-inspiring, unforgettable experience to swim amongst these creatures. Underwater caves and shipwrecks also litter the floor of Mallorca’s shallower diving zones.

But where to go? Allow us to help.

Isla de la Porrassa

This is the best training dive site in Mallorca. With a maximum depth of 15 metres this gorgeous underwater landscape is a great place to introduce families not only to the mechanisms and sensations of scuba gear, but also the beauty of what they can expect from other dives as well.

Isla del Sec

This combination of wrecks and marine life, including moray eels, octopuses, barracudas and more, along with diving opportunities for all levels, means that Isla del Sec is a great place to start for a family looking for adventure. Located in the south of the Bay of Palma, it is only a few kilometres from the island’s capital.

Cave de Jeroni

This cave dive is open to all abilities and experience and is a popular place to start for beginners. Situated in the northeast of the island, it boasts a large underground lake that is decorated with dramatic stalagmites. You reach it by descending 18 metres first, keeping a close eye out for scorpion fish and morays that will wriggle in and out of the light.

Isla del Sec

This is another very popular site for divers of all levels – although with children, it is probably best to swim clear of anything beyond the 18 metre marker. There is a wreck adorned with an artificial reef, attracting wildlife from all around the Bay of Palma. Cuttlefish and groupers feed amongst barracudas and octopuses and this is a magical place to explore.

Punta Cautius

The rocks and reefs of the Punta Cautius are home to myriad fish, but also rays. This spot is great because of how clear the water is, leaving the eight metre rock plateau a gorgeous tableau of ethereal otherworldliness. The plateau does dip down to much lower but it really isn’t necessary to plumb those depths.

The island getaway of Mallorca boasts a whole bunch of other scuba diving sites too, although a lot of them veer away from family-friendly abilities. Many of the better Mallorcan dive sites are in close proximity to each other, around the Bay of Palma, so there are no issues around travel either. What a way to make memories with the family!

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