Access to the Internet: An On-Board Necessity for Crew Members

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The internet makes the world appear a small place to live due to the seamless connectivity it offers. In the present day and time, it is impossible to imagine a day without the internet services.  Almost every industry has embraced digitization and shipping industry is no exception. Shipping companies are bringing faster and faster internet services to their commercial and cruise ships.

Satellite communication has changed the face of communication services on board. It is only because of maritime satellite services that a moving ship can have an access to an internet connection. VSAT, which stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal, is used to connect the ship with satellite communication services as the ship moves with water.

However, there are several shipping companies which are still skeptical about using the maritime satellite communication services as they fail to realize the importance of internet connection on-board for crew members.

Here’s a look at why internet connection on-board is a necessity for crew members:

  1. Modern lifestyles

Lifestyles of people have changed immensely and what used to be a luxury is now taken for granted. With internet services coming into the picture, everything is just a click away. You can access any information easily and be in touch with people who are miles away from you. Also, fascination with social media plagues everyone. The crew members, who spend several days or months at the ship, will feel the need to stay connected with the outer world.

  1. Loneliness

The crew members stay on-board for long stretches of many days or even months at a time, will feel very isolated from the outer world. Being unable to meet and see their families and friends for a long time can leave them feeling very homesick, which can lead to a low morale, productivity and a high attrition rate.

  1. Traditional ways of communication

Traditional ways of communication such as phones are not enough after a certain point of time to keep the crew members going. Internet facilities such as video calling and photo sharing give a personal touch to the communication and make them feel connected with loved ones.

  1. Increase the retention rate

The availability of internet services on board can greatly improve the quality of life of the crew members which in turn enhances their productivity and increases job satisfaction. In past years, research done by the companies have shown that crew members feel lonely on ships at sea for weeks or months on end, can end up feeling isolated and burnt out, leading to them ending their career prematurely. The availability of internet on ships and cruises help them in staying connected to their friends and family, and thus, helps in increasing retention rates.

  1. Other benefits

Apart from the personal reasons, having an access to internet connection on board also helps the crew members in several other ways such as exploring the weather forecast, finding direction, and accessing work-related tutorials and developments in the shipping industry.

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