A Proud Owner of a Terrace House Kitchen? 4 Tips to Make It Glamorous

July 21, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Kitchen

If you are an owner of a terrace house, then surely you know how lucky you are. After all, a terrace house is effortlessly glamorous and offers numerous possibilities when it comes to planning the interior design of the house. So, if you are currently planning the interior of your terrace house in the city, then you are also wondering how you are going to deck up your kitchen, right?

So, when you are researching a lot on the right kitchen décor for your terrace kitchen, you have landed absolutely at the right place. Since it is tricky to design such a kitchen and there are hardly any info on the décor materials online, I have decided to share some innovative ideas to make your kitchen a dream-like one. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Striking White Décor

Since you own a kitchen that will be flooded with plenty of light, you must play along with this. Paint your kitchen in striking white. Instead of making it boring, the white color will make your kitchen look pristine, stunning and spacious. Add white kitchen cabinets to go well with this whole color scheme. If you are wondering whether this will make the place look monotonous, then add some contrast with black accent or appliances.

Let there is Be Light

This one thing you will be blessed with in case of a terrace kitchen. The kitchen will be flooded with a lot of natural light which will anyway make your kitchen look less cluttered and damp. Along with that, the natural light will add up to the happy vibe of the place which will surely make your experience of cooking in the kitchen fun. And for the evening, design the lights strategically that doesn’t eclipse the charm of a moonlit kitchen. If you are planning a barbeque party with friends after work, trust me on this, the kitchen will be the most happening place in the town for them.

Add Greenery

Since you have got an extended space on your terrace for your kitchen and there is already plenty of light, you need to add more and more greenery there. Plants will make your kitchen look more vibrant and stunning. Natural light and the greenery will make this place look serene while you will get your own kitchen garden for veggies and leaves.

Patterned Cabinetry

You are definitely installing cabinets in your kitchen to increase storage space. While doing so, keep one wall free of it. Go for L or three walled cabinets while you will keep the wall towards the terrace open and empty. Use wide glass doors to the terrace which won’t block the visual appeal. In fact, when you are choosing white cabinets, the glass door will go with it perfectly.

So, now as you know how to deck up your dream terrace kitchen, what are you waiting for? Find an interior designer and discuss these plans with them. For more information on a kitchen renovation, follow my other blogs of this series.

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Jason is a blogger and expert on a kitchen renovation. Here, he writes on the design of a terrace kitchen with white kitchen cabinets and glass doors.


Jason is a blogger and expert on a kitchen renovation. Here, he writes on the design of a terrace kitchen with white kitchen cabinets and glass doors.

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