A Look Back to the Best Tourist Places in Aruba

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Aruba is a small Dutch Caribbean island has dry and sunny weather. The blond beaches with gentle surf, the trade winds in Aruba makes the weather pleasant due to cool breezes. This globally embraced destination houses architecture with European influence shows reflecting Dutch gables brightly painted in tropical hues. Dutch and Spanish are the most spoken languages along with English, though the local language is Papiamento. Famous for shopping in the Aruba’s capital, located at the west coast, Oranjestad is also admired for its extensive outdoor markets, malls, boutiques, restaurants, and waterside casinos in addition to the most eminent native tumba music draws tourists in large numbers from the worldwide.

Other must-visit places in Aruba include:

  • Oranjestad: Oranjestad it is the capital of Aruba, the Dutch island in the Caribbean Sea. The Historical Museum, is an Archaeological Museum showcases incredible artifacts since 2500 B.C. besides the waterfront, L.G. Smith Boulevard is a home to a range of exquisite boutiques and shopping malls.
  • Arikok National Park: This National park in Aruba has been built to protect and house diversified geologically natural pool that offers various tourist outdoor activities such as hiking, along with historic caves and access to the Andicuri beach.
  • Noord: Noord is a famous town in Aruba with huge population. The town is embraced for its restaurants, low rise and high rise hotels, malls, beaches, and the California Lighthouse. The Alto Vista Chapel one of the most visited place in Noord.
  • Alto Vista Chapel: Alto Vista Chapel on Aruba’s north shore was built around 1750 by Domingo Antonio Silvestre. Also known as “Pilgrims Church”, it is a small Catholic chapel. Alto Vista Chapel is embraced for peace and offers picture-perfect views of the North Coast. You can enjoy walks or mountain biking towards trails in the nearby area.
  • California Lighthouse: This lighthouse portrays a French design and has been named after a steamship California wrecked somewhere during 1891. This lighthouse stands tall with 90 feet height and is an eminent landmark with lunar-like landscape that surrounds it. The location offers commanding beauty of north coast, sand dunes, and high-rise hotel area.
  • San Nicolas: It is the second largest Aruba city and took its name after Nicolaas van der Biest, an owner of the big parcel of land of the area. “Charlies Bar” is one of the favorite attraction for tourists and famous hangout as it portrays the souvenirs and discoveries on the wall. Tourist look forward to attend the Carubbian Festival here that is hold every Thursday.
  • Ayo And Casibari Rock Formations: Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations are the compelling attractions that can contribute to your travel making it more memorable. You can enjoy stroll through the differently shaped and sized massive boulders formed by the forces of nature.

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