A Brief Overview of Worker’s Compensation Insurance

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Churches are unique small non-profit businesses. Even though their activities are not carried out with the purpose of profit earning, they still have to hire employees for performing certain duties and these employees have a family to run. Churches pay salaries to their employees for the services rendered by them to their organization. Churches are responsible for the actions of their employees while they perform their official duties. Any irresponsible act from them can lead to the filing of potential lawsuit by other party.

That said, churches also hold the responsibility for providing workers compensation insurance to employees if any of them gets injured while performing church’s operations inside or outside church premises. This type of insurance can be bought from Helland agency Billings at affordable premium. This type of insurance helps employers to give adequate and reasonable financial coverage for loss of wages and costs of medical treatment. This type of insurance makes it possible for injured employees to live a normal life even when they are unable to go to work due to injury.

Employers and insurance companies are always trying their level best to get the best terms in their favor from the claims. If an employee feels that his rights are not protected and his employer is unwilling to provide financial compensation for injuries sustained by him, he has a right to hire workers’ compensation attorney to help him for what he truly deserves. There are certain things an employee needs to be aware of when and if he meets with a work-related accident. This will help to increase his chances of receiving compensation.

Inform employer of the injury as soon as possible: Remember that there are certain deadlines to be met in case of worker’s compensation claim system. Injury should be reported at the earliest to an employer or else they may claim you were injured elsewhere. Delay in reporting also means that your claim can be denies because you failed to meet reporting deadlines.

Get the right medical treatment: Medical treatment given to an injured employee after an injury should only be treated by professionals and diagnosis should be recorded. Your employer or insurance company can also suggest you from where to get the medical attention from approved and licensed specialist or a doctor.

Inform doctors that you got injured at work: Doctors treating you should be informed that you got injured at work so that they can treat your case with utmost importance and scrutiny that it deserves. You should also make sure that you maintain all medical bills of your injury and fill out all forms appropriately. Under the law, your medical bills can be covered and you need to prove that your injuries are indeed related to work. Helland agency Billings can give you all useful information in this regard.

Coming to conclusion, receiving adequate and reasonable compensation for work-related injuries is every employee’s legal right. If an employer fails to give him this type of coverage, employee has a right to sue his employer in the court of law for showing ignorance and negligence in his duties towards employees.

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Helland Agency Inc. has specialized in church insurance for 25+ years with offices at Minnesota and Montana. Contact our agency today for Insurance Quote!


Helland Agency Inc. has specialized in church insurance for 25+ years with offices at Minnesota and Montana. Contact our agency today for Insurance Quote!

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