A brief discussion on Nitrile rubber sheets

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Any discussion on Nitrile Sheets whether brief or in details, has to begin with the fact that they are ‘the’ choice of rubber sheets for several for the automotive and rubber industries around the world.

Reason for this preference:

The reason is quite simple indeed.

• Their unique mechanical properties make sure that the inherent properties of a Nitrile rubber sheet stay intact even after coming into direct contact with oil.

• Not only that, they are equally effective against grease as well.

Some more applications of such sheets:

Although the rubber and automotive industries are the main beneficiaries of nitrile rubber sheets, there are other areas of application as well, especially in areas where there is oil and grease involved.

Here are some of them:

• Machine components which as we all know are in constant contact with fuel and grease. These sheets are known to increase their life by protecting them from this kind of direct contact.

• Unknown to many these sheets are a perfect choice for protecting kitchen equipments as well. This is mainly because of the fact that kitchen equipments need constant protection from cooking food oil spills or even grease.

Using such sheeting will make sure that your kitchen equipments does not start degrading prematurely.

However, you would have to make sure that you purchase these products from genuine Nitrile rubber sheet suppliers to ensure that they perform accordingly.

Rise in the prominence of Nitrile rubber sheets:

The 1900s can be said to be the age of Nitrile sheets. Following are the reasons for coming to such a conclusion.

Reason for this sudden need:

• By the beginning of the 20th century all the nations of Europe and the United States of America, were gearing up for war.

• As a result of this, heavy industrialization started, and the period saw an unprecedented rise in the manufacturing of automobiles and weaponry as well.

• However, the amount of rubber that was so much in demand for the industrialization phase to keep up pace, was inadequate to say the least.

• Moreover, natural rubber, if available did not always guarantee the best of resistance to oil and grease.

Thus, the need for a suitable synthetic alternative became imperative that would not only be resistant to the above-mentioned components but will also provide durability.

The severity of the situation was especially felt by Germany, whose rubber had been cut off in order to prevent them from manufacturing weapons. Even after the end of the First World War, when several sanctions were placed on them, they decided to produce something that would be highly resistant to break-downs.

Thus, they came up with nitrile rubber sheet that was made by combining butadiene and acrylonitrile. These rubber sheets are still in use today mainly, as discussed, by the automotive and other industries as well.

Following are some of the distinguishing features of Nitrile sheets:

A wide range of hardness to choose from:

The hardness of the sheet is something that is of concern to everyone who plans on purchasing them. To put the consumer’s mind at ease they are manufactured by organizations like ours in a wide variety of hardness, mainly from 40 degrees to 80 degrees Shore A hardness.

Unique Properties:

Sheets bought from authentic Nitrile rubber sheet manufacturers have properties that make them immune to a variety of adverse hydrocarbons.

Operable in a wide temperature range:

Temperatures ranging from -300 to 1200 Celsius are more than suitable for these nitrile sheets to operate and fulfill its purpose.

Available in a variety of grades:

Not only are these sheets offer excellent mechanical strength and available in reinforced grades, they are also one of the best choice for you if you are looking to purchase sheets that are food grade.

Reaction with metals:

These sheets have perfect aging properties and are widely known for their compatibility with different metals.

Resistance to oils:

They are also widely regarded for their resistant properties towards harsh oxidizing chemicals like various oils and fuels.

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