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Teen Patti or the so-called Indian Poker is a widely popular game in our country with more than 500,000 people playing every second. Octro Teen Patti and Teen Patti Gold are amongst the most popular apps to play. Unlike the American version which follows the five card pattern, Teen Patti only allows three cards at a time, to be dealt for the standard game. Latest new games likes Six Patti, Chhatai, One Two Three, Teen Patti Battle have been introduced to keep the users enticed and keep using the apps. Another tab called Variations has options like 4x Boot, 999, Lowest Joker, Revolving Joker, In Out, AK47, Muflis, FaceOff. High tournaments with expert players are also conducted in Teen Patti. Not only can you play Teen Patti Chips online with your friends and but you also have a choice in languages such as English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. Also new modes of games are added regularly to the apps. These apps function on very slow internet connection as well. Even on 2G data speed. You can play Teen Patti live with real players all around the world, anytime, anywhere. A feature called the Private Table allows you to play amongst friends by inviting them to a particular table, when strangers are given admission without your permission. The Teen Patti Community is very active on Facebook and you can participate in various contests like Tuesday Trivia and the Player of the Week to win chips as well. One of the best features of Teen Patti is that every day when you login you get free bonus chips. Teen Patti as a game is very fascinating and becomes addictive very quickly. Not only does it require you to use different strategies to play but it’s a game of chance. You do not always win and may end up going broke but sometimes you win big amounts as well. Users often try to Hack Teen Patti Chips by trying to complete surveys and cheat codes, watching YouTube videos. However, it is not possible to do so. It is bad to Hack Teen Patti Chips and also illegal. There are many website and blogs dedicated solely for the purpose of acquiring Teen Patti chips or Hacking Teen Patti. You can also play this game on Facebook. Teen Patti is up game that appeals to people irrespective of their ages.

Some users are so addicted to the game that they feel it is easier to download software or get into fraudulent and phishing activities to get unlimited chips instead of paying real money. This is how users and players are cheated. They fall into the trap of gulliblity time and again. Therefore free Teen Patti Chips cannot be acquired by hacking Teen Patti.

There are two ways to acquire Teen Patti Chips. Hack Teen Patti or buy Teen Patti Chips through You can easily register here to find genuine buyers and sellers. People earn lot of money by selling their earned Teen Patti Chips to buyers through this website that is

Played by multiple players at once that are anywhere between 3 to 6 or less is the basic idea of Teen Patti. Played like a regular card game, it involves the use of all the 52 cards from a deck. Players bet on the cards they get to win the pot. However it is impossible to predict what cards you are going to get and thus bet high every time. Sometimes regular Teen Patti players lose chips due to the wrong judgement. They go broke. They want to buy Teen Patti Chips. There are very few Genuine Teen Patti Chips Sellers in the market today. And even fewer websites that offer this transaction between a buyer and a seller of Teen Patti Chips. is a genuine website for Genuine Teen Patti Chips seller and Genuine Teen Patti Chips buyers from all over the world. requires a user of Teen Patti apps to register first before getting verified. After a user is verified he can sell Genuine Teen Patti Chips online.

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