7 Types Of Floral Decorations Widely Used For Indian Weddings

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Weddings are so incomplete without flowers. Can you really imagine a wedding arrangement and parties and celebrations without flowers? Quite impossible! This is a fact for most of the parts of the world. India stands supreme in this race. Almost all the regions of the nation have their own cultural and religious distinct faiths and beliefs where the place of flowers in marriage ceremonies and their celebrations and decorations stands tall and undaunted.


Wedding decorations Bangalore or in any other city of the nation will offer you some of the most novel ideas of flower decoration. They will be rare and stunning and also highly simple to carry out.

Simple Garlands – This is an arrangement of flowers that is seen in different flower decorations Bangalore. This is a type of decoration that is very easy to carry out and can be done on any location or backdrop. It could be done for venues that are simple and local in their nature or also in plush areas like ITC Windsor Manor and JW Marriott Hotel Bangalore. All that is required are fresh garlands and blooms for the task.


Bouquets Everywhere – A very attractive flower arrangement that can be done are by arranging bouquets in different parts of the stage and also on the tables where the guests are seated. This is a type of flower arrangement that can use different types of blooms like roses, carnations, lilies and also orchids. There is no hard a d fast rule that the bouquets must be on a single type of bloom. These flower decorations can also mix different blooms and buds for best effects.


Flowers And Balloons – Wedding decorations has brought a new trend where flowers are being blended with balloons. This is a type of decoration that can be used for marriages, baby showers and also for children parties. However, this is a theme that is being popularly used in different Indian wedding parties.


Flowers And Lights – This is the times when flowers and fresh blooms are being coupled with lights and candles. This is a great flower decoration idea that is taking up the market in a big way. This is a great idea even for outdoor wedding decorations. This is a great idea for evening time decorations.


 Flowers And Drapes – Flowers looks mesmerizing with drapes and curtains as well. The colors and the hues of these drapes and curtains could be of various types and will depend on the time of the day or the evening when the event is taking place.


Flowers As A Wreath – In many mandap decorations of the current times, the large flower wreaths are being used as the backdrop. This is an idea that has become really popular in recent times.


Flowers As Chandeliers – Flowers are also being designed in the form of chandeliers and mini bells that is being used in different popular hotels like The Leela Palace and the Le Meridien Bangalore.


The kind of flower decoration that you are selecting for your venue will also depend on the nature of the space that is available for you. Discuss the probabilities in details for the best end results.

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We can thus conclude that choosing the right flower decorations makes your events not only memorable but an also grand and happening. And you will be sure that your mandap decorations will be a sensation!


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