7 poker slangs that you can use in a conversation and seem totally cool!

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Poker is game that uses the might and skills of the brain that help one to always stay sharp and not be sloppy. Professional poker players like Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel or even Antonio Esfandiari have one thing in common, which is they always have their eyes on the prize. Another thing they have common with all the poker fanatics is the poker slang they use in their language.

Here are the 7 slangs every poker player constantly uses in their communication:

  1. We’ve got a ‘Shark’ in this round!

When it comes to a ‘Shark’ in poker, it generally means that someone who not only understands the risks and ratios of combinations, but a person who can quickly study their opponents and detect the patterns and physical tells that they have. They are known to be the ‘Poker Sharks’. Sharks usually strategize in the game to win the war and not the small skirmishes.

  1. You just play like a ‘Fish’!

When someone calls someone a ‘Fish’, it means that person isn’t just a beginner but an amateur player. These ‘Fishes’ can sometimes be people who played poker on a weekly basis for a decade or more. They are easy to spot as they immediately express their style and strategy. They are pretty much like an open book. They also approach the game of poker as if it were based on luck than skill.

You have the choice, pick the right species.

  1. It’s time for showdown!

While playing a game of poker, when you hear the word ‘Showdown’, it means that it’s the final action in that round. At this point, all the remaining players in a hand at the table must show their cards to find out the ultimate winner.

Now you must be wondering how would they use it in a conversation? They usually say it when they are in the middle of a debate when the result is about to come out.

  1. Damn you, limper!

In poker, a limper is referred to someone who calls rather than raising. People who usually play poker use this term on people who play it safe and don’t take risks. Limpers usually play it smart rather than taking risks of losing a round when they feel the necessity of not raising the round and call at their turn.

They are pretty much like the puffer fish of the tank. 

  1. Trapping at its best!

Trapping is a form of deception where it’s a situation wherein a poker player attempts to represent a weak hand just, so the opponent poker players are enticed to bet more aggressively which eventually increases the size of the pot he/she is trying to win.

It can also be used on people you think are very cut-throat and are always finding a way to deceive people. To all the sly people around you, here’s the term for them.

  1. It’s been an orbit.

In a game of poker, after each player at a table has served as the dealer for a hand after which each time the button passes you is a complete orbit.

You can usually use this term when you’re doing your cardio on a track or just circling your vehicle around a round-about. Pick whatever, we know you got this. 

  1. I’ve made implied odds.

Implied odds in poker means taking future calls from your fellow poker players into consideration when you are drawing to something. If you draw successfully, you expect they’ll call with their hands. These are speculative and are not concrete, as they aren’t in the middle yet and won’t be unless you hit your card and they call your bets. Which is why “implied”.

You can use this term when you are not quite sure about a decision you are going to make as the outcome is uncertain. Yet you are willing to take the risk because of your gut feeling or intuition or ever a suggestion from a close one.

So, guess this should suffice with you staying as a cool member as well as a poker player in your social circle. Now go out there and become the cool one!

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