7 Most Common Lifestyle Changes to Deal with Acne

September 21, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Beauty Products

Maintaining good health has become extremely difficult in today’s world. Lifestyle changes require time and commitment. These changes can be hard to make, and harder to stick to. Your skin reflects your lifestyle, therefore any mistaken step can result in unwanted skin problems such as acne breakouts.

However, there are some tweaks you can make to your lifestyle in order to keep your skin glowing and acne-free.

Change your Diet

Include green vegetables in your diet. Avoid foods which cause an increase in blood sugar levels, triggering the rise in insulin. Excess insulin in the blood causes your oil glands to produce more oil, resulting in acne breakouts.

Get Up and Exercise

Physical activity helps in increasing blood circulation which keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Exercise also reduces stress, which is one of the major contributing factors of acne breakouts. However, the benefits of exercise are nullified by prolonged sitting in the office.  Try to move yourself by taking stairs or small walks around your office to keep your skin healthy.

Power Sleep

Try to sleep for 7-9 hours every single night. Lack of sleep affects your body in different ways, and is a major cause of increased inflammation and a weakened immune system. Sleep deprivation also increases insulin resistance, which leads to more dead skin cells blocking your pores and causing acne.

Drink More Water

Water does wonders on your skin. Water intake is a great way to flush out toxins and hydrate your body from inside out. Drink 9-10 glasses of water daily.

Cleanse your Face

Cleanse your face twice a day because your face has more oil-producing glands. If not washed regularly, sweat, smog, dirt, and other impurities seep into your pores, resulting in pimples and blackheads.

Apply Sunscreen

You can’t escape from the sun. The inflammation from the sunburn can make your acne worse, therefore, you should apply sunscreen every time you are exposed to the sun.

Wipe your Cell Phone   

Your phone is the breeding ground for germs. Throughout the day your phone is exposed to bacteria, spreading from fingers to your face via texting and calling. Moreover, the heat produced by your phone multiply the bacteria, therefore wipe the surface of your phone with a sanitizer.

If your acne condition doesn’t improve or gets worse even after changing your daily habits, consult a dermatologist. You can also apply a top quality clear gel for pimples or the best acne soap to treat your condition.

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Hi all, I like to read, write and share awesome content related to various categories like beauty, health & fitness, lifestyle & fashion, architectures & interiors, web design, internet and technology.

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