7 Great Residential Interior Design Tips from Jagruti

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Interior Design. Something that can make or break the vibe you wish to create at home or office. Something that seems deceptively simple to achieve but in reality could end up costing a lot of money, time and heartache if not done right. Color co-ordination, lighting, seating, space utilization… all play a critical role and need to work in tandem with each other to create that lively, positive, happy vibe that you see on beautiful blog posts, Instagram pages and TV commercials.

Here’s presenting 7 Tips from one of the best interior designers in Pune that you could quickly implement in your homes to get that much needed energy and excitement.

1) Lighting: Have you ever felt the energy of a room change the moment a different kind of light was switched on? A tubelight or an LED light are not the only light sources! You can jazz up your place or create a cool and calm vibe with different kinds of Table lamps, Floor Lamps, Chandeliers and Track Lights.

2) Furniture: Yes we realize how tempting furniture looks online and in malls. Unfortunately, merely liking a piece of furniture is not a very good criteria to bring them home. What is the story you want to tell? How do you want your visitors and family to feel in a room of the house? The colors. The texture of the fabric, the height and other dimensions of the furniture, all play a critical role in creating a winning combination of simple and elegant seating arrangements.

3) Space Utilization: This is one very important factor that is seldom noticed but always felt. Like the air we breathe.  The furniture, the centre table, the TV Unit, walkways all have to be in proportion with one another and the room to achieve optimal space utilization.

4) The Kitchen: If we could tell you just two things to be very cognizant of it is storage space and ample lighting. Especially you do not want the light source of the kitchen behind you while cooking as it will cast a shadow on the counter top. Another thing to be taken very seriously is of course the safety aspects. There have to be proper provisions for knives and forks, ovens and electric points to be well beyond the reach of your beloved young ones.

5) The Bedroom: This is your den. This the place where you do your sleeping, thinking, working, have the most vulnerable conversations with your better half and of course a few other things that are beyond the scope of this blog 😉 Our suggestion to you would be… bring out your personality. What are the colors you like? What are your passions and hobbies? What are the vibes (sexy, spiritual, functional) that you want to create? Ask the same questions with regards to your partner and then proceed to redo your bedroom interiors with appropriate lighting, color palettes and furniture.

6) Artefacts: These are the vases, paintings, idols, sculptures etc. that you see in people’s homes. Artifacts serve a significant purpose of breaking monotony in a room. Done right, the colors and type of artifacts have the potential to enliven an otherwise drab room. As mentioned previously. There are two things to keep in mind while selecting artefacts: 1) Your personality. The story you want to narrate with a particular artefact. 2) How the artefact contrasts with the rest of the room.

7) Choosing the Right Home Interior Designer in Pune for your Interior Designing Needs: The Interior Design market is a red ocean. There are many new players showing up every day and it can become daunting to choose one with everyone playing the undercutting game in pricing.

There are 2 aspects to choosing the right interior designer for your particular needs:

1) Do they spend time understanding your preferences and personality?

2) Do they have a well – established vendor network of electricians, plumbers, manual workers, etc.


Observe if they spend time understanding your needs while also giving you in depth expert opinions. And ask them about their vendor network and how seamlessly the team works.


There you have it. The 7 Top tips for Residential Interior Design. For Further queries and all your interior design services needs reach out to us at studio@jagrutidesigns.com

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