7 facts you didn’t know about Laser Hair Reduction

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If you have decided to retire temporary hair removal options and if you are searching for an ideal laser hair removal clinic in Delhi, then DermaWorld Skin & Hair Clinic is your destination.

Considering laser hair removal this summer, but, questions like is it painful, does it really work, does laser hair removal put an end to unwanted hair and several other queries forcing you to rethink? Fret not because we are here to answers all your questions and demystify all your doubts.

1. Its not as painful as you think

The permanent laser hair removal (Delhi) at Dermaworld Skin & Hair Clinic is performed using a safe and an advanced technology i.e. Alma Soprano Ice. This smart technique to remove hair is not entirely pain-free, but it is purely tolerable. Pain tolerance is completely subjective. For some, it can be a soothing hot stone massage sensation, and for some, it can be like an elastic band snapping on the skin. But, in the end, it is bearable.

2. Say No to your Usual Skin Care Routine on Appointment Day

Leaving your daily skin care products such as sunscreen, moisturizer, and makeup in the drawer on appointment day is a viable choice. This ensures protection against reaction, discoloration, and provide clear skin for treatment.

3. Your Hair on the Target Area will be Shaved
Dermatologists recommend body shaving before the treatment for excellent results. Shaving does not only help you to get rid of long hair sticking out above the skin but also helps to avoid wastage of laser energy. But, you shouldn’t be waxing or tweezing at least 10-20 days before the procedure. This is because waxing pulls out the targeted hair root and due to which laser treatment fails to deliver the optimum results.

4. You might need to Discontinue some Medicines

There are certain medications which you need to avoid. This includes light-sensitive medicine like Accutane that makes your skin sensitive to laser and leads to blisters and skin discoloration. Therefore, you must follow the instructions of your dermatologist for a safe and effective treatment.

5. It Demands Multiple Sessions

If you think that one laser hair removal session is perfect to deliver flawless skin, then you are highly mistaken. This treatment requires multiple sessions to show a noticeable difference. The number of sessions vary from individual to individual basis the amount of hair, the growth of hair, the area being treated, and last but not the least the color of the skin versus hair.

6. You can Get it done for Any Part of the Body

Whether you talk about face or body, you can have this treatment anywhere; be it arms, bikini, armpits, upper lips, legs, back etc. The only area where you cannot undergo it is anywhere near the eyes.

7. Post Treatment Irritation is Quite Normal

Feeling irritation or slight redness after treatment is absolutely normal. Don’t panic. Stay hydrated and avoid sun exposure; the irritation would dissipate in a few minutes or hours.

If there is any further confusion you’re carrying in your mind regarding laser hair removal, book a consultation with Dr. Rohit Batra, the leading doctor for permanent laser hair removal in Delhi.

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Dr. Rohit Batra, an MD (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology), is an adult, pediatric and cosmetic dermatologist & dermato-surgeon based at New Delhi. He is also associated to the prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.


Dr. Rohit Batra, an MD (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology), is an adult, pediatric and cosmetic dermatologist & dermato-surgeon based at New Delhi.

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