6 Tips To Choosing The Right Dog Treats

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Have you ever met a dog that doesn’t like treats? I’m sure the answer will be a No.

Treats are a universal way of telling your dogs how special they are. And they deserve them too for all the love they shower on you. It helps build a strong bond between you and your furry friend.

Treating your dogs is a good thing provided that you are treating them healthy stuff and not junk food that may harm their health. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing dog treats nowadays. However, not all of them are healthy. So it’s best to choose carefully and provide your dog with the right dog treats.

The Bad Treats

Unfortunately, most treats in the market today contain high amounts of fats and sugars and thus are high in calories. This causes obesity in dogs if the treats are not given in a measured quantity. Overweight can lead them to many other health complications such as hip dysplasia and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). This brings us to the next point.

Calorie Content

It’s important to feed your dog low-calorie treats. An average dog treat contains about 25% of a small dog’s daily requirement. Even healthy treats shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. So even if you are feeding them the healthy treats, make sure that they don’t exceed its calorie requirement since obesity can be a threat for them.

Stay Away from Table Scraps

Being a pet parent, it’s understandable that you feel the urge to feed those tidbits to your dog sitting under the table. But do think of your dog’s health first. Table scraps are generally high in fat and can add unnecessary calories in your dogs. Moreover, table scraps are human food and not all human food are suitable for your dog. One example is chocolate which is poisonous for dogs and takes a lot of time for them to process. Some of them can contain wheat or corn and give rise to food intolerances. They can also ruin your dog’s appetite for nutritionally balanced food.

Read The Label

The first and most important step is to read the label before buying any pack of dog treats. The ingredients list on the label will give you a summary of ingredients used in the treat so you would know what to avoid. Always choose 100% natural grain-free ingredients for your dog. Try and stay away from treats that include artificial flavourings or preservatives. Also, it’s best to avoid low quality ingredients like meat by-products and unhealthy carbohydrates. Avoid all the ingredients that your dog has an allergy to. Natural items like fruits and vegetables are always advisable.

Select A Category

You should also have an idea about what type of dog treats you are planning to buy.

Natural Treats

These are not only high in quality but also nutrition. For example: healthy yak cheese treats.

High-Quality Protein Sources

Several ingredients in dog treats contain high-quality protein like eggs, fish, meat, cheese etc.

Long-Lasting Dental Treats

These help in fighting Plaque and Tartar.

Healthy Treats

These are treats that have added health benefits for your dog like the ones containing glucosamine that supports joints.

Treats For Senior Dogs

Older dogs may need softer treats as they are easier to chew.

Treats For Puppies

These treats are mainly used for training purposes and to motivate them.

Treat As Per The 90/10 Rule

Similar to the dietary guidelines for humans where healthy food comprises 90% and other food contains 10%, the diet for your dog also works on the same ratio. So think twice before making your dog feast on high-calorie and low-nutrition treats. Make sure the majority of your dog’s treats comprise of wholesome and nutritious ingredients. The occasional cookie is fine, though.

It’s always safe to cross check with your vet for providing a balanced diet to your dog. Treating is a great practice to enliven your relationship with your dog. Just remember that your dog’s health is of the utmost priority, so don’t let anything compromise on that.

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