5 Tips on Reducing Auto and Boat Insurance Premiums

October 3, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Insurance

While being insured while on the road and water is paramount, it’s understandable why a driver would take issue with the significant premiums quoted to them by their international insurance agency. Of course, driving without insurance is ill-advised, to say the least, so high premium costs should not deter drivers from acquiring the proper car insurance. However, drivers might be interested in knowing that there are a few simple things they can do to significantly reduce their premiums.

Look Around for the Best Deal

The first item on this list applies to auto insurance as it does to virtually any other investment. When looking for a worthy general insurance company in Miami, a driver would benefit him or herself greatly by accumulating as many quotes from different companies as possible. Of course, not every Miami nationwide auto insurance company operates in an equal manner. Different companies offer different premiums to drivers. By shopping around for the best deal, drivers can potentially save hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars per year on their insurance.

Raise the Deductibles

Professional insurance agents tend to advise their clients to opt for large deductibles if possible on their marine insurance policy in Miami. As is standard, the higher the driver’s deductible, the less their insurance company will be obligated to reimburse them for. The obvious point to make here is that drivers should ensure that they choose a reasonable deductible, one that they’ll be able to afford in the long run. It’s important that the driver considers their finances at the current time, and project what they might be earning one year from now. When calculating deductibles, it’s best for drivers to prepare for the worst-case scenario, choosing a number that they’re sure to comfortably afford under any foreseeable circumstance.

Choose Semiannual Billing

When dealing with an international insurance agency, drivers have the opportunity to save a significant amount of money with no effort at all simply by changing their billing cycle on their auto or marine insurance policy. As is the case with any item bought in bulk, if a driver chooses to pay semiannually instead of monthly, their insurance company is likely to provide them with a decent discount.

Limit Coverage

Insurance companies are likely to offer comprehensive coverage to drivers once the opportunity arises. Of course, some drivers have a lot to gain from comprehensive coverage. However, in most cases, drivers have little to no use for it, and they can decrease their premiums significantly by reducing their coverage amounts.

Opt for Low Mileage Discounts

If a driver is looking to save money on his or her premium, they should ask their international insurance company for low mileage discounts. Of course, this only applies if the driver doesn’t use their vehicle on a daily basis, or if they only drive extremely short distances. From the provider’s perspective, drivers who don’t use their cars often are much less likely to get into a road accident, thus reducing the chance of the international insurance agency having to pay for medical bills, damages, etc. Qualification requirements differ among insurance agencies, so drivers are advised to contact their provider to find out if they qualify for any low mileage discounts.

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