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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have been helping businesses to achieve their goals and objectives for a number of years. Ever since the early ’90s, the ERP software industry began to take off to fill in a number of gaps and problems facing businesses from human resources to supply chain management.

That rule hasn’t changed. To this day, ERP software is the No. 1 resource businesses use to maintain order and streamlined workflow. This post will explore five reasons why your business needs ERP software.

1. Integration Features 

One of the greatest advantages to having an ERP software is the complete integration of every branch of your business. With this software, you will be able to track supply chains and delivery while also keeping tabs on orders and products available.

Total integration means that there is no miscommunication between any employee or department. It’s impossible. They’re all on the same system. Preventing miscommunication saves time, and as all businessmen know, time is money.

2. Save Money 

Didn’t I mention saving money? ERP software is all about maximizing your business revenue. This is because ERP software’s most central function is financial management.

By allowing you to work on a single system, this tool provides powerful real-time decision-making options. Without a need to cross-check or rework numbers, everything is taken care of quickly. With financial solutions like that, there is no need for supplementary accounting software.

3. Better Customer Service Experience 

Customer relations management, or CRM, is another integral part of all ERP software. ERP provides a single place to incorporate marketing, service and sales. Then, all the necessary departments align with these services to provide a seamless transaction and streamlined experience.

With this process, enterprise resource planning software allows you to track all of your customers’ buying and spending habits, needs, and history. This allows you to keep track of customer trends and improve on business tactics and on customer service relations.

4. Cloud-Based Hosting Options 

Many ERP solutions are provided with cloud-based hosting options. What is cloud-based hosting? This is a way to store information in a safe, secure location away from physical hard drives and delicate servers. This gives the company a place where the data and the ERP software can be accessed in real time from any location.

It also provides the added advantage of securing the data safely from theft or accidental losses, which can happen easily on physical storage methods.

This is tremendously useful for small businesses that want to expand. Companies looking to upgrade to ERP software can declutter servers and physical disc space and save money on monthly and annual fees for physical storage options.

5. Increased Productivity 

With the many benefits provided by ERP solutions, the productivity of the business will skyrocket. From every level of the company, there will be streamlined access to various departments which would prevent delays. These benefits would lead to quick data transfer, prevent unnecessary delays in requests for information and promote a better working environment for the employees.

Further, employees can easily be shuttled from various departments and locations to others. This means there is less time spent in training workers because the system works the same way at every level of the company. This is a huge advantage over other companies that spend money to train workers and lose out on productivity. Increasing productivity is a reality with enterprise resource planning, leading to a brighter, more profitable future.

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