5 Excellent Tips to Clean Your RV after a Summer Road Trip

February 9, 2019 | Author: | Posted in Home & Garden

RV is a prized possession for their owner and they enjoy going for rides especially during summers. If you have been just for a ride in your RV, chances are your RV has accumulated heaps of dust and grime. It is important to keep your RV in right condition to avoid its wear and tear. For maintaining your RV, you need to keep it clean by washing regularly. When you clean it on your own you also get a chance to inspect the RV for any repairs.

For most people, cleaning RV is an ordeal as the results are hardly satisfactory. But with the help of few pro tips, washing your RV at home can become effortless and easier. Here’s a look at the tips:

1. Windows

While most people focus on the surface of the car, it is equally important to clean the windows. You should clean the streaks and bugs splattered on the windows. However, you should not ignore the interiors of the windows. You can use microfiber cloth for cleaning the windows. Make use of 2 microfiber clothes, one damp and one dry just like when washing your boat for an ideal cleaning session.

2. Getting rid of the dust

Since there is lesser space in a RV, it is better to invest in a handheld vacuum cleaner which has a soft brush and hose attachment. The small devices are easy to maneuver and reach the nooks and corners, under the dashboards and ceiling as well.

3. Cleaning the toilet

The toilets of RV can get dirty and even smelly if there is lack of ventilation. Thus, it is important you clean the seat and bowl with a right cleaner. Also, don’t forget to keep the black water tank clean otherwise it can lead to unpleasant scents in cabin.

4. Mattress

It is essential to wash the bedding so that it remains fresh when you go for your next trip. If it smells unpleasant, you can spray water and lavender essential oil and keep it to dry in heat so that you can get rid of the smell.

5. Exteriors

For washing your RV exteriors, it is better to make use of deionized water system as it offers pure water for cleaning. It absorbs every bit of dirt and grime and leaves a spotless shine just like a professional finish. You can invest in a portable deionized water system for home as it is easy to store and move. The deionized water system can be bought online as well.

Explore the web for more information and DIY suggestions on washing your boat at home for a professional finish.

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