5 Essential Tips to Prepare the Car for the Upcoming Wet Season

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As a car driver you may be know the rules of driving in rainy season such as turning on the lights, driving slow, and keeping a safe distance from the other cars so that there is no collision. But, what most of you don’t know is how to take care of your car during the rainy season. You need to take special care of your car as wet conditions affect the parts of your car differently than dry conditions.

Here’s a look at essential car care tips for the wet weather:

1. Keep the car clean

If you thought that the rains are enough for keeping your car clean and you don’t need to wash it, you have mistaken. The rain water is not as clean as it appears to be. Secondly after rains, you will find leaves and insects stuck on the surface of your car. This makes it essential to give your car a DIY spotless car rinse in a few days. You can use deionized spotless water for rinsing the car which will help in making it clean. For every car owner, it is a must to invest in spot free rinse systems so that they can give a sparkling shine to their cars in every season.

2. Check the taillights and headlights

It is important to keep your headlights and taillights in working condition especially during rainy season not only to make the road more visible for you, but also make others acknowledge your position on the road. Keep the lights turned on for enhanced safety. LED technology is improving the safety measures during driving with stronger lighting. The LED light beams are split into several individual light-emitting diodes.

3. Checking the condition of your wheels

While conducting your DIY spot free car rinse session, it is important to check your wheels to maintain them in good condition especially during wet weather to prevent accidents. When the roads are wet, the vehicles are prone to slipping due to vehicle speed, varied road surface, or tread depths on the tyres. Check your tyres regularly for minimizing the risk and get them replaced if they are worn out.

4. Weather proofing the car

You should make the car weather proof by investing in the right kind of accessories for preventing it from dirt, mud, and water.

5. Windscreen wiper

It goes without saying that the wipers would be working quite hard during the rainy season. Make sure to check the wiper blades and washer fluid frequently. You can determine if the wiper blades need replacement when you start hearing squeaking or jerking noises. Keep the wiper in good condition as it plays a crucial role in enhancing visibility during rainy season.

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