5 Advantages of Joining GATE Course for your GATE Exam

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A lot of engineering students opt for taking up the GATE course after their graduation. GATE is basically an exam that tests the technical knowledge of students in the fundamentals of engineering. If you’re confused about taking up this course, we present you top 5 perks of opting for this course. By knowing the top most perks you’ll be able to make a better decision for sure. Knowing what’s in it for you will give you more clarity for sure. So here are some realistic perks of taking up the GATE course. Read on!

1) Public sector undertakings

GATE is one of the qualifying examinations for many jobs in the public sector undertakings like the power grid, IOCL and so on. So if you’re planning to take up jobs in these Public sector undertakings, GATE exams are a way to go!

2) Research and development

The biggest technological research giants like yahoo, Microsoft, Google, Intel, General Electric has shifted drawing their intellectual man power from India. If you’ve only completed your bachelors, there’s a less scope for you to get selected by these companies. A good GATE exam score will give you an edge and the chances of you getting involved in their research times is higher. These jobs are any day more satisfactory both in terms of progress and development and the financial aspects!

3) Better job profiles

While many B.tech and M.tech students find IT jobs quite easily, they land up in jobs that are most of the times not related to whatever they’ve studied in college. Even mechanical engineering students are seen taking up jobs of coding and testing. And they continue the job in the same department for long periods of time which’ll make the job very monotonous. Butif you score well in GATE exam, you’ll land up in more meaningful jobs which challenge your core technical skills. Thus you have more exposure to knowledge!

4) Jobs in management sector

A regular degree will only be able to land you a job on the desk or a cubicle. If you are more of a leader or a manager, you need to complete higher studies and these higher studies can be completed only by taking up the GATE exams.

5) Make entrepreneurship a career

If you’re an engineering student or a graduate in M.tech, you’ll probably land up a job in a multinational company. But what if you want to start your own company? Raising your own company is always fun if you’re a person who loves to take risks and rewards! So if you pursue the GATE course, you’ll obtain deep knowledge about all the technical aspects involved in your course of study which’ll provide you a strong base to start a company of your own. Companies like Google and Yahoo all started this way! So if you’re a technical and a business enthusiast, GATE exams will extensively help you.

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