4 Things to Consider When Buying International Health Insurance in Singapore

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Singapore is a top destination for expats, most probably due to high quality healthcare. Singapore has been ranked by Bloomberg for having the second most efficient healthcare in 2016. If you are a Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident, you will be entitled to MediShield, but if you are an expat moving to Singapore, then you will unfortunately not have access to this healthcare system.Therefore, it is well advised to consider taking insurance cover for medical expenses when you move to Singapore.

International health insurance

International health insurance offers high coverage limits, so that the insurance holder can receive care at almost any private hospital in the world. Although employers who hire expats offer comprehensive health insurance plans to employees and their dependents, today this is becoming increasingly rare.

Things to Consider When Buying International Health Insurance

• Expensive medical benefits: Check out if your insurance covers out-patient, dentistry and maternity medical expenses. Private dental clinics charge higher for their services in Singapore. Therefore, it is imperative that all expatriates have adequate and comprehensive dental insurance.The maternity costs for an expat in Singapore can hit astronomical heights of SGD 15,000. If your health insurance coverage provides you dentistry, maternity and out-patient benefits, then it might be a perfect option for you and your dependents.

• Chronic and critical illness coverage: If you or any of your family members is suffering from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, then you should check your plan’s coverage for these diseases. Chronic illnesses need continual medical treatment so it is important to ensure you are covered as they can prove to be a big financial burden. Critical illnesses can also require expensive long term medical care. Make sure to check if your insurance coverage includes benefits for critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and others.

• Emergency Medical Coverage: Illnesses can strike at any time. You should be prepared for any medical emergency with a proper health insurance plan. Be sure to double check if your plan covers ambulance road transport and emergency care for any illness.

• Insurance premiums: Before you sign up for an insurance policy, ask yourself whether you can afford the premiums. Health insurance increases as you get older, and it is costlier if you want coverage for chronic illnesses.

In a nutshell, expats need international health insurance coverage. A short stay at a hospital can cost you thousands of Singaporean dollars, more for foreigners. Money is the last thing you should worry about when you’re sick, so purchase the right health insurance in Singapore to cover the entire medical bill.

Moving to Singapore soon? You must consider taking international health insurance. Tell us which health insurance plan you are planning to take in the comments section below!


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