3 Tips to Crowdfund for your Indie Film

July 25, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Movie

It is not a secret that the creative space is very competitive.Such is the case because of the lack of access that people have to different forms of art.

Today, anyone can start their journey in filmmaking by learning the basics of the art off YouTube or an audio book. While it is heartwarming to see more people gain access to art, it is also equally important to look at how the competition is growing alongside.

While it is important to believe in your venture, it is even more important to get your donors to do so. This article talks about what it takes to ensure that you succeed in fundraising for your film.


1- Know your Platform

There are a lot of crowdfunding web platforms.  While most of them are known for crowdfunding in general, there are platforms that work exclusively with creative causes. It will help one immensely if they can understand the platform’s model.

Looking into their credibility, modes of payment available for donors, the reach of the platform and fund disbursal methods can prove to be extremely helpful. Depending on your creative bandwidth, monetary requirements and the scale of your project, your campaign might be suited for different platforms.

It is always advisable to study various platforms in order to make an informed choice.


2- PR Efforts

Do not underestimate the efforts of PR. With filmmaking, there’s already a vision and a team that work together in order for things to materialize.

Understanding your audience will let you see where they are present (both virtually and physically), what are their interests and ways to reach them. This informed study can help one understand which platforms and social avenues to use for building anticipation. One should aim in  getting their (potential) donors excited about the whole process.

This helps in building up a community even before your film comes out- which can prove to be a huge asset when the promotional efforts for your movie areon.


3- Rewards

Rewards are the best way to express gratitude. Rewards don’t have to come up on your campaign only when the campaign ends. They can be used to incentivize the donors. Meet and  greet with the  crew, exclusive film tours and passes and exclusive movie screenings are great rewards that can be put up as soon as the campaign is live.

These rewards can prove to be very useful when it comes to increasing the momentum of your campaign. It should be noted that these are not time, effort or money -consuming. These rewards can prove to be great ways to motivate your donor base in order to get some traction for your campaign.

With all this being said, it is important to realize that a vision is as important as consistency in chasing your dream. Putting up a crowdfunding campaign is not enough; consistent follow up actions, keeping your donors informed and engaged, putting up progress updates and letting them know how big a part they played definitely ties the journey together.

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